[Case Study] How Magnetic Me improved their gift card experience with Govalo

When a friend or family member brings a new baby into the world, it’s cause for celebration. It’s also a cause to find a great gift to welcome the little one, however it can be tricky. You want to find something meaningful, but will also be useful and make their lives easier.

Magnetic Me sells adorable, comfortable, functional baby clothes that totally fit the bill for the perfect present. With gifting being a huge part of their customer base, they wanted to give their customers better options for sending gift cards that would allow them to include that personal, heartfelt touch.  

About Magnetic Me 

Of all the jobs you may have in life, being a parent is definitely one of the toughest. Especially in those early months and years, the last thing you want to do is find yourself wrestling a tiny toddler back into a romper with tricky popper buttons at 4am. Parenting may be hard, but it should be easy to dress your baby, right? That’s what Lauren and Lawrence thought too when they came up with their innovative idea - baby clothes with magnetic closures. 

Magnetic Me

After extensive product development and testing, they launched their first line and over a decade later they’ve amassed a plethora of awards, celebrity testimonials, and thousands of positive reviews from parents all over the US. Using super-soft, eco-friendly fabric, they’ve created a range of baby and toddler clothes that make it simple to dress your little one without the fuss of poppers, buttons, and velcro. They’ve even expanded their range to make mom’s life that little bit easier with nursing pajamas and robes - those night-time feeds just got a lot easier.


Gifting is a huge part of any baby related business - everyone wants to get that ideal gift that will delight a new parent. The same has always been true for Magnetic Me, making up a sizable 25%+ portion of their sales on a regular basis. It had been clear for a long time that gift cards were the next sensible thing to develop further as part of their store, however the solutions available to them just weren’t giving their customers that personalized experience they want when buying such a personal gift. 

“Magnetic Me is very heavy on gifting as part of what we do and for our customers, so gift cards are a perfect opportunity for us to expand even further into that space. Prior to Govalo, we were just using the native Shopify gift card functionality. However we found that a bit limiting; essentially we were running into a number of different issues.” Ruby Barresi, Marketing Associate & Site Merchandiser at Magnetic Me, told us.

Magnetic Me

“We had a number of people complaining to us that our gift cards were very limiting, for example they couldn’t send gift notes. So we really wanted to be able to have that functionality, and that’s when I started looking around to find a suitable app and came across Govalo.”

With such a huge opportunity at their fingertips, Magnetic Me had to find a gift card solution that would deliver the kind of experience their customers were looking for.

How Govalo Helped

Looking at other solutions on the market, Ruby and her team found that no single app could fulfill the functionality they needed to expand their customer experience. Using her own knowledge of code, she even tried coding the native Shopify app but found the process took too long and was too complex with little reward. When she reached out to their Shopify Plus Account Manager, they suggested Govalo.

“After our Account Manager suggested it, I looked into the app and realized it was perfect - it suits all our needs.”

Magnetic Me gift card

Buying for a baby or a new parent is a personal experience, and Magnetic Me’s new gift card capabilities gave their customers the ability to add all those personal touches from a heartfelt gift note to scheduling when the card would be sent and even just being able to send the gift card directly to the recipient. 

Beyond just the gift card functionality, their team has also been able to improve efficiency in how they manage gift cards and get a clearer picture of their position with gift cards on an ongoing basis.

“I really like the Govalo dashboard - before we would have to sift through data manually in the backend but now we can see how much is spent, the different totals side by side, and it helps us with how we both see and manage gift cards and the money involved.

While we haven’t explored more functionality beyond the gift card itself, we’ve been able to install it and not worry about it - it’s a good thing having an app that you don’t have to think about and manage as much.”


Magnetic Me’s customers now have that extra special touch when they buy a gift card, and their team has better data and tools to deliver on their gift card strategy. In the short time they’ve had Govalo installed, they’ve already seen an increase in gift card sales. Not only that, but they’re seeing a much more positive response to their gift cards than ever before - in fact, they’ve had no complaints about their gift card experience at all.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in gift card sales, and we’re seeing fewer customer service issues. We’re looking at implementing Govalo into our sister site - Simply Magnetic Me - as the current gift card system is so manual, and with this app they wouldn’t need to put in so much manual effort.”

Magnetic Me homepage

“The app was very easy to implement, and when I had a problem in the beginning the Govalo team contacted me right away and were very kind in helping me work out the issue.

It’s a great product - it’s really easy to use, and we’re really happy with it.”

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