What is Govalo?

  • In June of this year, Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Beutler had a tough discussion about the future of gifting in ecommerce. While that may sound like an easy discussion; it wasn’t - there are a lot of moving parts.

    They knew they had to solve for this. As the US nears 50% ecommerce penetration, they asked themselves why gifting and gift cards were so far in the past. They joked about the Bat Mitzvah gift cards Rhian found in her drawer from her daughter’s life cycle event two years prior. The hand written check sized gift card Kelly had located. The gift cards that have apparently been living rent free in both of their wallets for an unknown amount of time.

    Veterans of the Shopify ecosystem, and with over two decades combined experience in retail and retail adjacent industries they started with the why.

    Why are we okay with gift cards being stuck in the past? Why don’t ecommerce stores leverage gift cards more? Why are we okay with gifting products that barely approach mediocracy? Why has no one cracked the code yet?

    So they started building.