10 unique housewarming gifts for that new kitchen

Moving into a new home is exciting - maybe a loved one is up-sizing to welcome a new addition to the family, a cousin has moved to start college, or your favorite couple have just moved in together. Whatever the case, you may be looking for that perfect gift to say “Welcome home!”...But what exactly is that perfect gift?

Choosing a unique housewarming gift can be tricky. So, we’ve decided to break it down into different parts of the home to make things a little easier. We’re starting with looking into where the party always happens - the kitchen!

We’ve got some great ideas whether you’re buying must-have equipment for someone who loves home cooking, interesting gifts for an amateur wine sommelier, fun bar-cart additions for the at-home bartender, or caffeine essentials for the work-from-home employee.

Let’s get started!

Top tip - Don’t know what to get? Buy a gift card!

Buying a gift can be difficult at the best of times, but it can be a little harder when it comes to a housewarming gift. It may be that you’re working to a budget, and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on new cookware but still want to introduce someone to your favorite cookware brand. It could be that you don’t want to add to the huge pile of  “where do we put all this stuff?” for the new homeowner. Or perhaps you simply don’t know what your gift recipient would prefer - would they like the blue dutch oven, or yellow? Which would go better with their new kitchen?

In these cases, your best bet is to go with a gift card. This gives your loved one the gift of choice, and relieves you of the pressure to find that one perfect gift. All of the stores we’ve listed in this gift guide all have gift cards available that can be sent directly to your lucky recipient on the day of your choosing!

TL;DR - The brands we love for housewarming gifts

#1 -
Year & Day - Elevate their plating with hand-finished tableware

#2 - Great Jones Goods - Give the gift of better cookware

#3 - Amora Coffee - Real coffee for coffee lovers

#4 - Primal Wine - Put a funky twist on their glass of wine

#5 - Fellow - Brew ridiculously good coffee at home

#6 - Chef’n - Useful, unique kitchen gadgets

#7 - Nutr - Blend your own plant-based milks at home

#8 - Metropolis Coffee - Fresh unique coffee for everyone

#9 - Brightland - Delicious oils and vinegars with locally sourced ingredients

#10 - Pfaltzgraff - Beautiful, timeless flatware and tableware 

#1 - Year & Day - Elevate their plating with hand-finished tableware

From a working day to a birthday,
Year & Day make tableware that makes it feel like a special occasion every time you sit at the dinner table. They make it easy for anyone to style their table, having studied the shelves of their customers to find out what people actually use then elevate those items with elegant silhouettes and chic semi-matte glaze finishes. Designed in California and hand-finished in Europe, Year & Day’s range is not only beautiful but also durable for everyday use and can be thrown in the dishwasher for maximum ease-of-use. They make for the ultimate moving-in gift, so your loved ones can ditch their old mismatched crockery and upgrade to something they’ll love to use every single day of the week. 

Year and Day - Black semi-matte tableware

Click here to shop Year & Day

#2 - Great Jones Goods - Give the gift of better cookware

Cooking at home should feel like a joy, and for that you need high quality cookware. The right pan can make every recipe feel like a breeze, and that’s where
Great Jones Goods comes in. This women-run, New York-based brand creates cookware and bakeware that equips and empowers their customers to cook at home with confidence. Their range of enameled cast-iron, stainless steel, and more comes in a range of bold colors. They look beautiful, and function even better! High quality cookware is a gift that lasts for years to come, so Great Jones Goods makes for the ideal housewarming gift. 

Great Jones Goods - Enamelled cast-iron cookware

Click here to shop Great Jones Goods

#3 - Amora Coffee - Real coffee for coffee lovers

Who better to trust for a gift for a coffee lover than other coffee lovers?
Amora Coffee was founded in 2011 after a trip to visit coffee roasters around the world, bringing that fresh roasted flavor to cups all over the United States. The ethically source sustainably produced coffee from high quality farms, allowing them to craft some of the best blends available. With their range of different beans, subscriptions, and even teas, you’re sure to find a gift that will make waking up in a new home even better!

Amora Coffee - Sustainably sourced coffee

Click here to shop Amora Coffee.

#4 - Primal Wine - Put a funky twist on their glass of wine

Bringing a bottle of wine to a housewarming party is a classic move, so why not add a little funk?
Primal Wine is your key to giving your recipient something to talk about when they crack open that bottle! They carefully curate a range of natural and biodynamic wines, handmade by artisans around the world. You won’t find any large-scale operations in their catalogs, everything is hand-crafted and small-batch. They want to encourage wine drinkers to explore new styles and methods of winemaking that they won’t find in their local grocery store. From orange wine to pet nat, you’ll find the best bottle of wine to gift to that new homeowner at Primal Wine.

Primal Wine - Natural and biodynamic wine

Click here to shop Primal Wine.

#5 - Fellow - Brew ridiculously good coffee at home

Add a little flair into coffee making with
Fellow. They make design-led, barista quality tools for at-home brewing perfection. Their sleek, stylish range of coffee making equipment and serveware give you everything you need to brew ridiculously good coffee in the comfort of your own home. They sell kettles, grinders, cups, travel mugs, and more to really take that coffee game to the next level. Plus, they also partner with coffee roasters from different parts of the world to introduce coffee lovers to their new favorite brew. Give the gift of the ultimate at-home coffee set-up so good looking they’ll want to keep it on display. 

Fellow Products - Coffee making equipment

Click here to shop Fellow.

#6 - Chef’n - Useful, unique kitchen gadgets 

Give the gift of all the kitchen tools they didn’t know they needed!
Chef’n put the “fun” in functional with their range of unique kitchen gadgets designed to inspire and enable. Designed in-house in Seattle, they make useful gadgets that solve real problems and make food prep easy and simple. Peanut butter stirrers, herb strippers, hand-powered food processors, you name it and Chef’n probably sells it! Make cooking in that new kitchen easy and fun with some helpful gadgets from Chef’n.

Chef'n - Fun and functional kitchen tools

Click here to shop Chef’n.

#7 - Nutr - Blend your own plant-based milks at home 

Plant-based milk has taken the world by storm, and it’s now a must-have staple in coffee shops, grocery stores, and homes. If you know someone who goes through almond milk like it’s water, then you give them the gift of at-home almond milk any time with the
Nutr. The Nutr machine makes it super simple and fast to make your own plant-based milks at home using simple ingredients - no preservatives or artificial additives. You aren’t just limited to the basics - you can blend whatever you want! Chocolate pistachio oat milk anyone? 

Nutr - plant-based milk machine

Click here to shop The Nutr.

#8 - Metropolis Coffee - Fresh unique coffee for everyone

Chicago father-son team Jeff and Tony founded
Metropolis Coffee with a simple goal - roast modern, creative coffee that’s approachable and sustainable. Coffee can get pretty complicated when you really dive into it, from different roast levels to bean varieties, it can turn a simple brew into something overwhelming. Metropolis Coffee takes the complexity out of buying coffee, so you can appreciate the complexity of the coffee itself. They offer a wide range of beans and grind types, as well as cold brew and coffee making equipment. And to make it even easier, they also have a coffee quiz so you can find that perfect brew.  

Metropolis Coffee - Chicago roasted coffee

Click here to shop Metropolis Coffee.

#9 - Brightland - Delicious oils and vinegars with locally sourced ingredients

Using a really good quality olive oil can make all the difference when you’re cooking. Brightland makes authentically produced oils and vinegars, without any fillers or preservatives. They source their olives from a family-run farm in California, then cold press them to create a bright, rich oil straight from the earth to your table. They also make a range of vinegars that make use of delicious, locally-sourced fruits and herbs to create bold, bright, decadent liquids. Simple ingredients, processed simply, making the most of that California sunshine. These make a wonderful gift for a new homeowner’s kitchen, and will be sure to take pride of place on their worktop!

Brightland - California-made olive oil and vinegar

Click here to shop Brightland.

#10 - Pfaltzgraff - Beautiful, timeless flatware and tableware 

For over 200 years, Pflatzgraff have been making high quality ceramics that take pride of place in homes across America. Today, they produce a wide range of flatware, serveware, and more, inspired by their heritage and the needs of the modern kitchen. Their designs infuse traditional design with timeless craftsmanship, for ceramics that turn any table into a special occasion. Their unique patterns and embossing mean you’ll find something to suit the tastes of that new homeowner, giving them a beautiful start to their new home. 

Pflatzgraff - Heritage tableware and ceramics

Click here to shop Pfaltzgraff.

Finding a great housewarming gift doesn’t have to be difficult - in fact, there are lots of amazing brands online that will absolutely put a smile on that new homeowner’s face!

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