15 unique gift ideas for college students

Whether your student has just moved to a new state and you’re looking to make the transition slightly less challenging, or you’re looking to celebrate your student’s last first day of school, this guide will surely prompt the purchase of the perfect gift! Ranging from snacks to dorm room essentials to student living, read through our selection of gifts from our merchants and make your student’s day brighter!

For the Student 


#1 - Felix Gray - Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Students utilize technology in their studies and the classroom like never before. They take notes on their tablets, write papers on their computers, and often turn to their phones to unwind. Knowing that tech is  a part of the modern world, Felix Gray proposes a way to better one’s relationship with screens: better blue light glasses. They create their effective products with a foundation in research and empower all to thrive. 

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#2 - Baboon to the Moon - Backpacks and Bags

Talk about options! With so many different styles and colors, Baboon to the Moon offers the perfect backpack for any student. Their materials are created with lifestyle and adventure in mind, making them an appropriate choice for the college student running from class to practice to the dining hall. Not only do their products respect Mother Earth, but they come with a lifetime warranty. They promote fun, mystery, and creativity, all aspects of college life. 

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#3 - Glitty - Laptop Case

Combining the student’s need for technology, sustainability, and functionality, are the laptop cases made by Glitty. They sell both leather and wooden cases for Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads. Included in their promise to their customers, is the fact that their products are made by hand, with real materials, and made to last. Unlike mass produced cases, Glitty’s have a unique look and feel and have a free extended warranty, along with other perks. These cases will survive any college experience right along with any student! 

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#4 - Always Fits - Notepads

Add some joy to any student’s life with products from Always Fits! With their bright pops of color, playful sayings, and distinctive design, their stationary, among other items, could prompt a smile from even the most studious of students. Whether used for creating to-do lists, outlining a paper, writing to a loved one at home, or taking copious notes, Always Fits’ has a notebook for any personality and identity. 

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#5 - Goat USA - Hat

Who doesn’t need a hat? Whether shielding a student from rain or shine, the hats at Goat USA could trademark any student. Known for the iconic Goat logo, their products would improve any student’s status, making them the cool kid on campus. Boasting bright colors and comfortable fabric, the reviews rave about any product from their hats to t-shirts to shorts. Their products are backed by their mission: to inspire every person to be the greatest version of themselves. Their company values include community, passion, positivity, and teamwork, all aspects of a great college experience! 

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For the Dorm 

#1 - Hammock Shop - Hammock Chair

The go-to chair! Great for sleeping, snacking, studying, or relaxing, this hammock seat from the Hammock Shop is perfect for any student. Filling only a corner, the seat is made out of organic cotton from Columbia. Described as feeling like a ‘hug,’ its sway will lull any stress away. Comfortable and practical, this seat will make any dorm room feel like a student’s home away from home. 

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#2 - Curie - Candle

It’s no secret that dorm rooms and hallways can get a little stinky. Solve this scent with a candle from Curie! With three different freshening fragrances, Curie candles allow students to ‘light up the good vibes.’ All of their candles are made with coconut soy wax and promise a 55-hour slow burn. Their candles are also hand-poured by women artisans and refugees, promoting a better future. Gift your student a bright light and do good at the same time! 

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#3 - Rewind - Mouse Pad

Every student, and every mouse, needs a good mouse pad! This bright, unique mouse pad offers ‘supreme grip and effortless mouse movement.” All in style, Rewind’s mouse pad boasts a soft polyester surface and a natural rubber base. A company founded with the mission to help businesses protect their data, they also make it fashionable with many stand-out products. Give a student the chance to rewind and relax with this mouse pad making their homework smoother!

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#4 - Genuine Fred - Puzzle

As if college didn’t already have enough challenges, this Genuine Fred puzzle will give any student the chance to put pieces back together, revealing fun affirmations. As a company that supports artists, this puzzle, among other products, is full of cheer and light-heartedness, providing a way for students to rejuvenate. Bringing ‘modern flair’ to a ‘classic pastime,’ Genuine Fred delivers the perfect gift to prompt a smile, promising hours of fun. 

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#5 - Holistic Habitat - Wall Hooks

Whether needing of a place to hang beach towels or drenched winter coats, college students across the county need wall hooks! These durable hooks by Holistic Habitat are crafted with sturdy metal wire, with the ability to compliment any aesthetic or design. From a company founded with a mission to not only survive but thrive, these hooks will make any student’s life easier, giving them the ability to spread their wings. 

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Study snacks

#1 - Pretzels - Assorted Sampler Pack

Give your college student the gift of choice with this assortment of sweet treats! From Pretzels.com, this conglomeration of goodness will make any study session easier. Great for sharing or saving, this sampler pack includes Australian Red licorice, Australian Black licorice, Mini mix, Australian Mix, Sarah’s Favorite, and Crunchies. Guarantee any student’s sweet tooth with this gift!

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#2 - Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates - Macaroons 

For the student with exquisite taste, these macarons will not disappoint! From Ginger Elizabeth comes this box of delicacies, and flavor options, including Apricot Cobbler, Pistachio, Vietnamese Coffee Caramel, Salty Caramel, Chocolate Ganache, and Almond Vanilla. All macarons are crafted skillfully and ensure a homemade flavor. With renowned flavor and texture, these cookies will stun any student!

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#3 - Magic Spoon - Cereal Bars

For the student always on the go, ease their hunger with these cereal bars from Magic Bars! A collection of flavors, the combination package includes the choice of s’mores and cinnamon, cocoa peanut butter, cookies and cream, s’mores, and cinnamon roll. With 10 grams of protein each, these bars can fuel a long practice or late-night study session, making them the perfect solution for a student or student-athlete. 

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#4 - Amazin’ Graze - Instant Oatmeal

Simplify mornings for your student with this one-step breakfast by Amazin’ Graze! These oatmeal packets are inspired by a warm piece of apple pie, the ingredient list including apples, raisins, pecans, cinnamon, and classic oats. Both dairy free and plant based, this meal offers a nutritious start to a long day. Dubbed a ‘bowl of goodness’ by reviewers, these packets of oats deliver a punch of a breakfast!

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#5 - Amora Coffee - Cold Brew

College life is no joke! It’s also no joke that students love their caffeine. This cold brew by Amora Coffee is sure to give any student an extra jolt of energy to start their day purposefully or finish their day strong. With the option to drink the coffee strong and black, lightly sweetened, or with a splash of coffee, Amora coffee raises coffee standards and provides brewing instructions. Made with freshly-roasted beans and a 9-step roasting process, this coffee will resolve any caffeine craving!

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