21 creative anniversary gift and date night ideas

Whether you’re celebrating years of marriage, commemorating your first date or when you first met, anniversaries are always cause to do something special for a loved one. However, that doesn’t always make it easy to think of what that “something special” may be! 

We’re here to help you figure out what you can do for your special someone for that upcoming anniversary. Whether you’re looking for that one perfect gift, or even some date ideas, we’ve included ideal gifts for him and her, plus a few lists of essentials to create a really special date that’ll wow your partner. 

3 anniversary gifts for her

A Necklace For Me - Beautiful unique jewelry for every occasion

Looking for something sparkly to gift your loved one? Founded by Morgan Horan and Christina Blachard-Horan, A Necklace For Me offers a range of truly unique jewelry with a focus on quality, style, and dependability. They work directly with manufacturers to provide the best possible quality jewelry - no cheap materials or short-cuts that can commonly be found in the jewelry industry. You’ll also know that by purchasing one of their pieces, you’re also helping to support the variety of projects they partner with such as supporting education programs in Sierra Leona. 

Necklace for me

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The Sill - Flowers, houseplants, plantcare and more

Whether your partner loves a bouquet of fresh flowers, or wants something that’ll last a bit longer like a house plant, The Sill is your one-stop shop for all things horticulture. They aim to make owning a range of amazing house plants as simple as possible, offering different ranges to suit all plant parents from “I might forget to water it…” to proud plant mama. They also offer subscriptions so your loved one can be surprised regularly with a new plant to add to their collection. You can even add on plant care accessories to ensure their lush indoor jungle thrives.

The Sill

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The Frye Company - Stylish, long-lasting heritage boots

Want to get something a bit different for the shoe-lover in your life? Why not a pair of The Frye Company’s boots? Founded in 1863, they’ve been bringing high quality boots and shoes to the masses for nearly 160 years. From their base in Massachusetts, they design authentic heritage styles for modern living, all handcrafted in the USA from fine leather. With timeless style and exceptional quality, these will make for a gift that’s long-lasting and perfect for everyday use.

Frye Company

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3 anniversary gifts for him

Manscaped - Men’s grooming made simple

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Manscaped, but did you know it also makes for a perfect gift for the guy in your life? Founded by Paul Tran in 2016, Manscaped are dedicated to men’s grooming, making high quality tools that make it easy for guys to keep themselves trim and feeling confident. As well as their high performance skinsafe trimmers, they also offer a range of toners, deodorants, trimming mats and more to make the grooming experience as easy as possible. They also have a customizable subscription package that delivers fresh blades, new products, and refills.


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Muck Boot Company - Classic, high quality outdoor boots

If your loved one fancies themself an adventurer, then grabbing them a pair of Muckboots is a no brainer anniversary gift. Muck Boot Company started with a near universal problem - getting your feet wet when out in nature. No one likes soggy socks after all, it can definitely put a literal damper on your fun. Determined to find a solution, they set out to make the most protective, comfortable, and reliable boots. Their boots are 100% waterproof, and designed to withstand any condition with every element engineered to last.

Muck Boot

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Ekster - Everyday items reimagined for modern life

Some items we carry everyday have been around for decades - wallets being one of the most common. Ekster has reimagined that everyday, traditional wallet to match modern living, making it easier to use, and harder to lose. They design intuitive products that reflect daily life, making them more efficient, durable, and reliable. Their designs are sleek and minimal, and any Ekster wallet can be paired with a solar powered, ultra slim tracker card that makes your wallet unloseable. 


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3 hiking date essentials

Finisterre - Sustainable, reliable outdoor wear 

Founded in 2003 in an apartment above a surf shop, Finisterre creates functional, sustainable outdoor wear designed to keep chilly winds out and lock in warmth. They focus on high performance clothing, inspired by a love of the outdoors so you can get out in the wilderness for longer knowing that you’re well protected from the elements. If you’re planning a hiking date for your anniversary, then they’ve got all the essentials to get you and your partner kitted out ready to take on the trails with waterproof jackets, comfortable trousers, warm socks, and even changing robes in case you plan a bit of wild swimming or surfing.


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Gossamer Gear - Super lightweight bags and backpacks

When you’re hitting the hills, the last thing you want is to be weighed down by your fear. Gossamer Gear understands that, which is why they work to design the ultra lightweight bags and backpacks shedding as many grams as possible while elevating performance and durability. After all, the less you carry, the longer you’ll be able to stay on the trails and the more fun you’ll have. Their Kumo 36 backpacks are ideal for that anniversary day trip - super tough, frameless, and light, you can pack all your essentials without adding bulk.

Gossamer Gear

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Thermos - Enjoyable drinking on the go

When you’re off on an anniversary hike in nature, you’re going to need a few key essentials to make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The first is a good quality water bottle to keep hydrated on the journey, and the second is a cup of something warm to enjoy when you reach your destination. A cup of hot coffee at the summit of a hill? Warm tea to enjoy with your mid-hike lunch? Whatever your choice of beverage, you’ll need a good quality container and that’s exactly what Thermos designs. With over 115 years of heritage behind them, Thermos makes durable, high quality containers that keep your warm drinks piping hot, and cool drinks icy cold. 


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4 gifts for an anniversary road-trip

Peak Design - Ideal bags for everyday and travel

When you’re off on a road trip, you’re going to need a good quality bag to pack all the essentials. Peak Design have been designing and perfecting their backpacks and bags for over a decade, making bags that allow for everyone from commuters to adventurers to keep their belongings safe, accessible, and organized. Their travel duffel bag is ideal for that anniversary road trip, with plenty of space and compartments, a theft-deterrent zipper pull, and padded straps. 

Peak Design

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Quad Lock - Super strong car smartphone mounts

Quad Lock makes a whole range of great phone accessories - their goal is to make it easier and safer for you to incorporate your smartphone into your everyday life with the toughest, most secure accessories on the market. Whether that’s mounting your phone onto your bike handlebars for commuting, or the product we’re talking about, their car phone mount. After all, you’ll need your phone handy for those directions! Their mount is quick to attach, fully adjustable, and even comes with the option of wireless charging. 

Quad Lock

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Pendleton - USA-made woven blankets and clothes

Family owned and operated, Pendleton was founded in 1863 by Thomas Kay, an English weaver. Since then they’ve continued to weave high quality woolens from their family owned mills in Portland, Oregon, sourcing the majority of their raw wool from US producers. The product we thought would be perfect for that anniversary road trip is their range of national park themed blankets - they’d be an ideal way to surprise your partner with where you’re headed! After that, they make an ideal cozy companion for your passenger on the car ride to your destination.


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Aeropress - Portable high quality coffee tools

Did you know that Aeropress originally started in 1984 making sports toys like frisbees? In what must be one of the biggest product pivots, in 2004 founder Alan Adler set out to find a new way to brew high quality coffee. In 2005, he debuted the Aeropress and since then it has even inspired a world championship. If you’re on the road and want a great cup of coffee no matter how far you are from your home set up, look no further than the Aeropress Go. Their travel version makes it easy and quick, and comes in a convenient all-in-one case. 


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4 ideas for the best anniversary dinner date

Boy Smells - Fine fragrance for everyone 

Founded in 2011 in Los Angeles by couple Matthew Herman and David Kien, Boy Smells originally started as an experiment in candle making. They wanted to create daily use items that were fluid and design original scents that wrap traditionally masculine scents in a prettier bouquet to embrace masculinity and femininity in one. Their Genderful Fine Fragrance range would make a wonderful anniversary gift for a dinner date, and their gift experience set offers your loved one the chance to try a range of their signature scents along with a voucher for a full size of their favorite.

Boy Smells

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Kirrin Finch - Menswear inspired clothing

We all want to wear what makes us comfortable and confident, and for Kirrin Finch founders Laura and Kelly, that was button-up shirts and bowties. However, they couldn’t find the kind of styles they wanted to wear, often enviously eyeing up the menswear department. That’s when they decided to launch their own range of menswear inspired clothing, challenging fashion industry norms over what could be considered menswear and womenswear. Their androgynous range is designed to fit women and non-binary bodies, so you can look sharp for that dinner date in an outfit that allows you to express your style with the right fit.

Kirrin Finch

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Buttercloth - Super comfortable menswear

Vietnam-born Danh Tran grew up working in his family’s small tailor shop, and by the age of just 10 he was already sewing his own clothes with the dream of one day becoming a fashion designer in America. He did just that and after a very successful career in fashion, he left his job to start Buttercloth after he came up with the idea of combining the comfort of his favorite t-shirt with his least favorite clothing item - button-up shirts. He developed a super soft, 6-way stretch fabric called Buttercloth, and the business has taken off since. If you want your partner to be comfortable on that dinner date, this is the ideal gift.


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Modcloth - Vintage-inspired, fun womenswear

Founded in 2002, Modcloth designs vintage-inspired, feminine, fun fashion. Their size inclusive, female-led approach has led to them growing a loyal community, and partnering with brands like Collectif and Betsey Johnson as well as smaller, independent designers. They reimagine classic styles and silhouettes with modern edge and fun prints and patterns, with sizes ranging from 00 to 28. Their clothes are affordable, high quality, versatile, and timelessly flattering. An ideal place to find that perfect dinner date outfit!


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4 movie night-in gift ideas

Baloo - Soft weighted blankets

When you’re cozying up on the sofa ready for that movie to start, nothing is better than snuggling under a blanket. Baloo makes weighted blankets that are eco-friendly, machine washable, and dryer safe, that feel luxurious and are super breathable. Weighted blankets can have a range of benefits, such as soothing the nervous system, alleviating stress, and increasing serotonin, so instead of chilling underneath any old blanket, why not try a weighted blanket from Baloo?


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Partake - Allergen free cookies and treats

No movie night is complete without snacks! Partake makes a range of delicious soft and crunchy cookies as well as baking mixes and pancake mix that are allergen friendly. Founded in 2016, Denise Woodard came up with the idea for Partake when her daughter was diagnosed with a range of food allergies. She developed the recipes for Partake so that they’d be gluten-free, vegan, and free from the top allergens like peanuts, soy, and tree nuts. From flavors like birthday cake to soft double chocolate chip, they’re designed to enjoy and share…but maybe you won’t want to share!


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Acorn - Warm and cozy socks and slippers

You’ve got the blanket, you’ve got the snacks, now it’s time to get even cozier with a pair of Acorn’s original slipper socks. Acorn was created after David Quin wanted to do something nice for his friends suffering from harsh Maine winters; he sewed a leather sole onto thick wool socks and so his original slipper socks were born. Acorn now stocks a range of not just those original socks, but also moccasins, cabin socks, sandals, boots, and more so no matter your preference you can keep those toes toasty.


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Crafted Taste - Handcrafted cocktails at home

Alright, last thing you need before that movie - a good cocktail! Crafted Taste is a great way to discover your new favorite drink, offering monthly subscription boxes and one-off kits that bring the best cocktails from some of the world’s best bartenders right to your door. Each kit comes with award winning spirits, small batch syrups, and unique bitters, as well as recipe cards, additional ideas, and food pairing suggestions. They also use full-size products so you and your partner can master the prep of the drink, play around with it, and try some new ideas later.

Crafted Taste

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