8 thoughtful and unique gift ideas perfect for any new parent

Welcoming a new baby into the world can be an exciting time, even with all the adjustments it comes with! It can mean a lot to new parents to receive something special from the people in their lives, whether it’s something for the baby…or something for when baby goes to bed!

Picking the right gift however can be a challenge - you want something unique, but not something that will be seen as clutter or of little use. New parents look for functional, practical gifts that can add to their new normal. Or they might benefit from something that offers them a little bit of “me time” at the end of a tough day.

In any case, we’ve collated a list of 8 of our top brands that will be the highlight of any baby shower. 

#1 - Magnetic Me 

Let’s start with something practical and game changing for new parents - super easy baby clothes. When a new mom or dad is waking up at all hours of the night to feed and change their new tot, the last thing they want to do is fumble with button poppers or zippers to try and get baby dressed again. That’s where Magnetic Me can come and save the day. Their baby and kids clothes use innovative magnetic fasteners to make dressing little ones easy and fast, no matter the time of night or how wriggly they are. They come in a range of sizes, and stylish, seasonal prints and patterns.

Any of Magnetic Me’s range makes the ideal gift for a new parent if you want to get something practical and cute for the baby. They also sell personalizable gift cards if you want to allow mom or dad to pick out their favorite pattern.

Click here to shop Magnetic Me.

#2 - Cosabella 

Alright, we’ve got something amazing for baby, now it’s time to focus on mom. Cosabella have been designing and crafting beautiful Italian-inspired lingerie and loungewear for over 40 years. Their team puts hours of dedication into designing and developing every piece, sourcing luxurious materials, and ensuring above all their range is as functional as it is beautiful. And this extends into maternity and nursing wear also. They take extra care in crafting underwear for new moms that is gentle and supportive, with that same Italian style found in the rest of their range. And if you want an extra treat, they also sell a range of soft, luxurious sleep and loungewear for mom and dad! 

Click here to shop Cosabella.

#3 - Rough Linen 

When you’re a new parent, you have a lot on your plate - from 4am feeds to stinky diapers. It really can make all the difference to have some everyday luxuries that make things feel a little less chaotic. Rough Linen craft linen-wear from 100% European-flax linen, designed for everyday use and enjoyment. Their range covers everything from table linen, to bedsheets, pajamas, and bath towels. By giving the gift of handcrafted linen, new parents can enjoy the most comfortable sleep between those late feeds, or lounge with their little one in soft, comfortable loungewear. 

Click here to shop Rough Linen.

#4 - Curie 

A new baby takes up so much time, focus, and energy from their parents. After all, you’ve got another little life to think about! That can make it easy to forget about self-care, and that’s why Curie makes an ideal gift for moms (and dads!). Curie makes natural, aluminum free body care products like deodorant, body wash, and dry shampoo. They believe that the products we use everyday should have real ingredients, rather than be full of chemicals you’ve never heard of. It may sound like something simple, but having some high quality, fresh smelling body products on hand really can make all the difference to a new mom or dad!

Click here to shop Curie.

#5 - Spoonful of Comfort 

Give tired new moms and dads a much needed break from cooking with a care package full of goodness from Spoonful of Comfort. Their business began on a kitchen table where founder Marti Wymer would carefully assemble packages with homemade soups, breads, and snacks, ready to ship around the US. Their packages all have the personal touch, meaning whether you live a 10 minute drive from the new family or 1000 miles away, they’ll get something that gives them those cozy, loving vibes. And there’s no one who needs something cozy and easy to eat like new parents!

Click here to shop Spoonful of Comfort.

#6 - Spritz Society 

Now onto something a little more fun for mom and dad! After months without so much as a sip of wine, followed by long days of learning all about their little one, give mom and dad something to kick back with. Spritz Society produces ready-to-drink spritz cocktails in handy cans - easy to throw in the fridge ready for aperitivo time. Their cocktails are made with 100% real ingredients, blended to perfection by experts who really know how to make a great spritz. That means new parents can enjoy a bar quality aperitif with zero effort in their pajamas on the sofa when the baby is in bed for the night!

Click here to shop Spritz Society.

#7 - Lemme 

Let’s get back to some real self-care for those tired moms and dads. With so much focus on baby getting all the care, nutrients, and vitamins they need to thrive, it’s important for mom and dad to do so too. Healthy parents will mean a healthy baby! Lemme makes it easy and delicious for parents to get what they need to go into each day strong, supported, and ready to face anything. Founded by Kourtney Kardashian-Barker, Lemme makes tasty gummies and supplements that are made with real ingredients and clinically-backed. Different formulations focus on targeting areas such as sleep, focus, and energy, and they’re all vegan, gluten-free, and gelatin-free.

Click here to shop Lemme.

#8 - Coco Moon 

And finally, something else for the baby - because who doesn’t love buying cute baby stuff for a new arrival? Coco Moon is inspired by their founder’s home of Hawaii, boasting a large variety of prints and patterns that will give new parents those chill island vibes. Coco Moon started with baby blankets and swaddles, and has since grown to also make baby onesies, dresses, quilts, sheets, and even maternity wear. Their original blankets are versatile, and made with buttery soft muslin that will be gentle on baby’s skin.

Click here to shop Coco Moon.


Love these brands, but not sure what to buy? The good news is all of these stores sell personalizable gift cards - you can send them directly to the new mom or dad, with a gift note on whatever date you want to send it. These are ideal especially if you’re not sure what they need, or just want to give them the freedom to choose something perfect for them!

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