Built for Success: Govalo joins the Built For Shopify program

With over 8000 apps now in the Shopify App Store, it’s no surprise that it’s tough for merchants to decide which they should install and invest in. After all, for every app category there are at least a few dozen options if not more. And they don’t just want an app that looks good, they want to know that anything they install is going to add to their store experience, function reliably, and have little impact to their store’s performance. 

Shopify already adds highlights to app listings, such as for speed impact, or if an app works with current themes. However, Shopify has decided to take that a step further and introduce their highest bar of app standards yet - Built for Shopify.

And guess which app meets those standards? That’s right - Govalo is officially part of Built for Shopify.


What is Built For Shopify?

Built for Shopify is designed for apps that are built to meet Shopify’s highest standard for quality and performance. This is determined by a newly developed set of criteria that focus on making sure apps are easy to use, safe, and high performing as well as solving merchant issues. Every standard set has some kind of impact on the merchant and customer experience, and therefore on the success of the store.

The reason for creating this program is simply that there are now so many apps in the App Store, and merchants are increasingly looking for ways to decide which they should install. They want reliable apps that they know will add to their store experience. Shopify says that app highlights on listings already influence a merchant’s decision to install, highlighting individual elements an app excels at. Built for Shopify will give extra assurance to these merchants that the app they’re considering meets Shopify’s highest standards for quality. 

What are the requirements for an app to join the program?

As mentioned, the bar is set quite high for requirements in order to join Built for Shopify. Shopify summarizes the main criteria into four categories:

  1. Security and Safety - Apps are expected to treat merchant and shop data diligently. This includes a clean uninstall, and only using specific APIs and extensions.
  2. Performance - Apps should provide a fast admin experience and have as little impact as possible on store speed.
  3. Design for ease of use - Whether embedded in Shopify Admin or POS, apps should have a consistent look and feel that gives the merchants a seamless experience.
  4. Share App Benefits - The app listing should be accurate and up to date, so that merchants can quickly and easily understand the app’s value.

This all sounds straightforward enough, but trust when we say getting apps to the level which Shopify expects is no easy task. When they say the criteria must meet their highest possible standards, they mean it. They individually verify and assess apps against all of their criteria in order to meet Built for Shopify status. This gives merchants even more guarantee that an app with the Built for Shopify badge on the App Store is worthwhile. 


What this means for Govalo

In being given the Built For Shopify seal of approval, Govalo officially meets the highest standards for an app listed in the Shopify App Store. Our team has put in a lot of time and effort into making the adjustments and improvements necessary to meet the program’s criteria, and we’re delighted to have been approved. 

For our existing merchants, it means that you are now using one of Shopify’s highest quality apps to deliver your gifting and store credit strategy. You can continue using the app knowing that it performs and functions reliably with little impact to your store speed, but a big impact on your store’s experience. 

For potential merchants, being part of the program gives them extra assurance that Govalo will be a worthwhile addition to their store. They can focus on all the benefits of using Govalo such as customizable gift cards and gift subscriptions, without wondering if the app will slow down their store or cause any security concerns. 

Govalo’s being part of Built for Shopify is a big step for the app. The high standards set by Shopify means that we can give assurances to new and existing merchants alike that Govalo is the top app for delivering their gifting strategy ambitions. 

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