Gift Card Guide

No matter your interests or tastes, it’s safe to say there’s a gift card for everyone. And there are so many benefits in buying one - they can be bought right up until the day they’re being handed over, and they allow recipients to choose whatever they like best from a brand they love. Plus, they don’t have to be shipped like a usual order so you don’t need to worry about delays or deadlines. You can get a thoughtful, stress-free gift instantly, with just a couple of clicks.   But with so many brands out there selling gift cards, how do you know which to buy from? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite gift cards, to help you find just the one for your special someone. 


Apparel & Accessories Gift Cards


#1 - Cosabella



A luxurious gift for men or women, Cosabella’s undergarments, lingerie, and sleepwear are truly a thing of beauty. Made in Italy since its founding in 1983, the creativity and passion of the brand has also remained. With inspiration from the modern woman, Cosabella resolves to create timeless, feminine designs. For the last 35 years and counting, Cosabella values not only its brand and what it empowers, but where it comes from, as it prizes its family-run workshops throughout the Italian countryside.  

Click here to shop Cosabella.


#2 - Mavi Jeans 



Manufacturing Denim for all for over 30 years, Mavi jeans has taken it upon themselves to master the art of fabrics and washes, as well as staying current with the newest manufacturing technology. While working to create an eco-friendly denim, the brand has contributed to innovation in the industry. Stylish, practical, and with attainable prices, Mavi is committed to its passion and its people. The brand empowers people, from employees to customers, and believes that a better future begins with their value chain. Mavi makes tomorrow better. 

Click here to shop Mavi Jeans.


#3 - Baboon to the Moon



More than a bag company, Baboon to the Moon’s mission is to inspire adventure, mistakes, and first times. Their products are guided by three core requirements: sustainability, quality, and colorfulness. With no boring products, their products range from bags perfect for a work date, to day trips, to longer adventures. Boasting unique colors, styles, and patterns, there is something for everyone looking to accessorize and portray a piece of themself in a bag. 


Click here to shop Baboon to the Moon.


#4 - Ethnasia



It's no surprise that Ethnasia was featured in a 2022 edition of British Vogue, as their story rivals the beauty of their products. Inspired by a visit to a Greek Island and the sight of waterfalls, the brand’s founder discovered a way of making jewelry that encapsulated the feeling and experience of nature that she had encountered. Inspired by a lifestyle revolving around the little things and slowing life down, Ethnasia was born. Spreading the spirit of the brand worldwide has become a journey, with the uniqueness of its jewelry matching each customer. 

Click here to shop Ethnasia.


Wellness & Beauty Gift Cards


#1 - Lemme



Inspiring others to live life to the fullest, lemme believes that wellness should be delicious. A brand recently founded by Kourtney Kardashian, lemme sells vitamins and botanical supplements. Though new to the wellness industry, the brand has been in the making for over five years and only uses clinically backed ingredients that are formulated to become a part of one’s everyday life. Determined to go greener and always working towards sustainability, Lemme is a brand committed to the times, the planet, and its customers. 

Click here to shop Lemme.


#2 - Teabox



A homegrown brand founded from the base of the Himalayas, Teabox resolves to provide the freshest Indian teas to all. In order to master the perfect cup, the brand believes that tea must be fresh. Therefore, their tea is fresh from the source, is packed in a one of a kind facility, and comes guaranteed with a completely transparent procurement process. Teabox also returns value back to the source, recognizing the role that communities play in the process of creating tea. With a mission to transform the way people experience tea, a gift from Teabox will make anyone fall in love with tea all over again. 

Click here to shop Teabox.


#3 - Curie



Curie believes that taking care of one’s body shouldn’t come with a sacrifice. The brand’s founding was motivated by a frustration with natural products not working as well as chemical ones. Carrying clean products that actually work, Curie is sold in more than 300 stores and is pure delight. With its better body basics, anyone will fall in love with a brand that keeps its standards high and B.O. low. 

Click here to shop Curie.


#4 - Grooming Lounge



Look no farther for the perfect gift for the men in your life. As the premiere source for men’s grooming solution, Grooming Lounge’s products are both iconic and formulated surrounding Barber Shops and Spas. Though founded back in 1999, in 2002, a brick and mortar spa and barber shop opened, combining great service and great products. With a strong online presence and website, Grooming Lounge continues to serve customers in person and online in an incredibly masculine manner. 

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Food & Beverage Gift Cards


#1 - Magic Spoon



Give a magical gift to the cereal lover in your life! Magic Spoon negates the guilt surrounding the consumption of bowls of cereal by making a healthier, but still just as delicious option. By boosting protein, diminishing the carbs and sugar, and making both a grain and gluten free alternative, Magic Spoon has created unparalleled goodness that allows customers to experience the childlike joy of enjoying cereal without the calories, and with fuel. For kids and adult consumers alike, Magic Spoon allows customers to experience the magic of cereal. 

Click here to shop Magic Spoon.


#2 - Spritz Society 



Taste matters and Spritz Society knows it. Determined to help its customers make the most of moments, Spritz believes that life is too short for drinks you don’t love. Using real ingredients, in their concoction of cocktails, the brand is intentional about what they put into their drinks so customers can get the most out of them. A community brought together by good taste and welcoming all, Spritz Society is more than a good drink, it's a bright spot and makes even the smallest of moments better.  

Click here to shop Spritz Society.


Gift Cards for the Home


#1 - Evermill



Give the gift of spices to any home chef through Evermill. Both organically and ethically sourced, the brand holds themselves to the highest standards surrounding their product and the environment. With a thoughtful and functional design, their spice rack is aesthetic and practical. Protecting the freshness and flavor, their glass containers are also easy to store. Evermill spices will complete any kitchen just as they will make any meal. 

Click here to shop Evermill.


#2 - Boutique Rugs



Boasting over 15 years of experience in the home decor industry, Boutique Rugs offers a direct customer to store experience. With an extensive selection of rugs and table runners in varying designs, colors, and sizes, the store surely has something for everyone. No stranger to the messier side of life, all of their rugs are machine washable. With many options for outdoor and eco-friendly rugs, the brand also realizes the importance of sustainability. With experience and many happy customers to date, Boutique Rugs values the contribution a rug can make to a home. 

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Gift Cards for the Family


#1 - Magnetic Me



Magnetic Me has the perfect gift for parents, especially new ones! Though parenting can be hard, Magnetic Me makes life easier with easy clothing for babies and children. Instead of spending time buttoning or unbuttoning clothing, this solution reduces the hassle so parents can do more of what they love: spending time with their kids. With stylish prints, and soft and eco-friendly materials, the brand knows what makes baby clothes great. With magnets paving the way, allow parents more time with Magnetic Me. 

Click here to shop Magnetic Me.


#2 - Franz & Freya



For some time, babies can’t express themselves, but that doesn’t mean their clothes can’t either. Resembling the sense of curiosity and adventure found in the early years, Frans & Freya takes baby clothes to a whole new level. With intricate and detailed patterns and prints, the brand elevates adolescent fashion. Empowering women, and beginning as an all-women team, the brand creates organic, handmade collections of clothing for babies and toddlers around the world. Moms and children alike can find joy in the colorful, unique pieces from Franz & Freya. 

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