Govalo FAQ: Part 2 - Features

In part two of our series surrounding Govalo’s most frequently asked questions, we are delving into all things features! In our last FAQ Blog, we gave an introduction to Govalo - our founder, benefits, pricing and more. Click here to check it out and read on to learn more about our features and benefits. 

#1- What are the main features of Govalo?

Govalo is designed to reinvent and revolutionize the digital gifting experience on Shopify. Starting with gift cards, we’ve expanded into a variety of different features that add value to your store’s gifting experience. 

Our gift cards are fully customizable by both your brand and your customers, with the ability to be directly sent to the recipient. Along with gift cards, we offer many other customizable features, such as:

  • Our store credit feature streamlines and strengthens the return process for both merchants and customers.

  • Our Out of Stock feature allows a gift card link to be inserted when an item is out of stock, instead of disappointing a customer and leaving a dead end on a website.
  • We also offer gifted subscriptions, which, through our partnerships with Bold and Recharge, allow customers to easily purchase a subscription as a gift.

  • While all these features on the front end work to boost customer experience, our backend dashboard and analytics give merchants the data and tools they need to succeed. 

#2 - What features are included with Govalo gift cards?

Our gift cards are designed to provide customers with a user-friendly, completely personal experience.
We aim to have every aspect of the gifting experience be as customizable as possible, for example: 


  • We provide merchants the ability to add the brand’s flair, voice, and language to your customer-facing UI.

  • Merchants are also able to add multiple images to gift cards, to create collections, or swap out cards seasonally.

  • Customers are able to add their personal touches, like gift notes, and to send their gift card directly to the intended recipient.

  • Customers can also schedule gift cards in advance, set to the merchant’s local timezone to ensure that gift cards arrive precisely when they’re supposed to. 



#3 - Can you issue store credit through Govalo?

Yes! The ability to give customers store credit can play a major role in improving their experience with returns, besides helping merchants reduce revenue loss, contributing to the ability to develop a best-in-class returns program using the features. Both the merchant and the customer are impacted by this feature, as it eases the hassle of store credit and promotes security throughout the process. 

Along with being able to issue and manage store credit directly, providing the flexible return process that all customers wish for, merchants can view insights and manage credit on the back end with our user-friendly dashboard. This is key for customer service and satisfaction. 

#4 - Does Govalo allow for gift subscriptions?

With subscription ecommerce booming in recent years, Govalo offers gift subscriptions through our partnerships with Recharge and Bold. Merchants who offer such subscriptions have seen monthly recurring revenue, higher retention, and increased customer loyalty. We want to provide our merchants the tools to find similar success. 


Recharge and Bold empower the offering of subscriptions through recurring payments, enabling you to take the personalized gifting experience even further. We still guarantee an experience that delights both customers and their gift recipients with a tailor-made gifting experience, all while being simple to implement, and making the back-end management and analytics clear for any team.

#5 - What is Govalo’s out-of-stock gift card feature?

With our out-of-stock feature customers will be prompted to purchase a gift card instead when a product runs out of stock.
This ensures that customers always have the ability to purchase a gift when they want it, boosting their customer experience. Merchants can maintain sales even in absence of inventory, negating dead ends on websites and providing security even with supply chain uncertainty.



Gift cards may be where Govalo began, but our app allows you to do so much more. Best of all - there's more to come. And, we do it all with personalization and specificity, boosting customer experience and sales all at the same time.


For more information on our features, see links below to our support documentation: 

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Out of Stock:
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