Govalo FAQ: Part 3 - Integrations & Customization

Part of the beauty of Shopify stores is that merchants have the ability to make use of various apps as part of their technology stack to customize and tailor their store’s experience. When these apps work together and provide merchants with new and interesting ways to enhance their store, that’s where a merchant sees the most success. We want Govalo to be an asset to your tech stack, therefore we make integrations with fellow apps a priority, making certain that our features can be used . 

Today, we’re going to dig a little deeper into our integrations and tech, so you can see exactly how Govalo can fit into your store’s strategy.

#1 - What other apps integrate with Govalo?

Govalo integrates with some of Shopify’s top apps to give merchants and users the best, most all inclusive experience. Our current partnerships with Recharge and Bold Commerce allow for the purchase and redemption of gift subscriptions, enhancing strategy for merchants and experience for customers. Through our integrations with Klaviyo, Omnisend, and Drip, merchants can utilize email marketing and marketing automation to reach their customers and prompt them to purchase and redeem gift card balances. Our app also fits seamlessly into Shopify Flow, and we are proud to be a Shopify Plus Partner App

#2 - Are there any other app integrations on Govalo’s roadmap?

We are always working on new and exciting integrations to enhance your gift strategy. As a sneak preview, we’re currently working on integrations with Tydo, Alloy, and Loop returns. Stay tuned for more specifics and information to come!

#3 - How do Govalo’s Bold Commerce and Recharge integrations work?

We are proud to partner with Bold Commerce and Recharge in order to offer a truly personalized gift subscriptions experience. For merchants, the integration is simple to implement, and provides clear back-end management and analytics, with Bold and Recharge adding recurring billing capabilities to your store. 

These integrations enable customers to purchase a subscription for someone else. Using Govalo, the customer purchases the subscription as a gift, after which it will be delivered directly to the recipient via email. This allows the gift recipient to redeem the subscription at their convenience and add all their own details as part of the onboarding process so that they have full control of the subscription they receive. This in turn provides a better customer experience for both the original customer and their recipient, thus improving retention and reducing subscription churn.

#4 - What can I do with Govalo’s integrations with Klaviyo/Omnisend/Drip?

Through integrations with Klaviyo, Omnisend, and Drip merchants can launch marketing campaigns via email, changing both the way they advertise and retain customers, while making the most of gift cards. 

Email is an essential channel for merchants to engage their customers.These integrations allow merchants to gain further control over gift card emails, being able to customize and take their customers' experience to the next level. Merchants can also include and customize forms and pop ups on their storefronts, add increased automation, and have access to insights and guidance. 

With Klaviyo specifically, merchants can also create a gift card directly in the app. Whether it’s sending a gift card to loyal customers to show appreciation, or offering one to lapsed customers as part of a retention strategy, our integration makes it smooth and simple to do so.

#5 - How customizable are Govalo gift cards?

We want Govalo to be as customizable as possible for both merchants and customers. Through Govalo’s admin settings, merchants can customize:

  • User interface style and settings, such as title, description, values and images of the gift card
  • The language of the gift card, lookup and redemption pages
  • Email templates, including their structure and style. Merchants gain increased flexibility on the customization of email templates if integrated with Klaviyo

When purchasing a gift card, customers can add their own personalizations such as:

  • The name and email of the recipient 
  • A gift note 
  • The date the gift card will be sent to the recipient
  • Whether or not to receive a copy of the gift card themselves

#6 - Where are Govalo’s redemption and lookup pages found? 

Merchants do not add a link to the redemption page on their store, but rather it is only accessible from the email containing the gift card. The redemption page lives on Govalo’s end, and its domain is This is a security precaution and provides customers with increased confidence when purchasing a gift card. 

On the other hand, the lookup page can be added to the store’s navigation and lives under the store’s domain, so customers can easily use it to check their card’s balance. This page allows recipients who have received gift cards from your store to check the details of their gift cards, including the remaining balance. This feature is only available for Premium and Enterprise merchants.

#7 - Does Govalo allow for different gift card images?

Customers buy gifts for all different occasions, therefore we want merchants to be able to meet those needs. Govalo allows for multiple images, so merchants can upload a range of designs instead of just one generic gift card image. This gives customers options when choosing Christmas cards, graduation cards, birthday gift cards, and other holidays. 

Govalo also allows merchants to create multiple gift card products. Rather than just having one option, you can instead have a collection of gift cards each with their own choice of images. For example, you may have a birthday gift card with a range of images to suit birthdays, as well as a thank you gift card with its own selection of images.  


Setting out to reinvent digital gifting is about more than just offering a better gift card. Shopify stores are built on a variety of apps, all providing added value and functionality to craft a memorable customer experience. By adding in more features alongside integrations, Govalo can become a trusted and valued partner as you build your gifting strategy.


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