Govalo Gift Guide 2021 - Curtis’ wishlist

Buying a gift for a keen hobbyist is really tricky. You want to get them a tool they’ll find useful, and don’t want to get something that’ll sit in a drawer unused. Especially during the holidays, you want to also get them a gift they’ll be interested in and excited by.

Well if you know someone who’s big into collectibles, an amateur master chef, or a budding artist, Curtis’ wishlist has the top recommendations for you.

Curtis Woods

Curtis Woods is an Implementation Engineer, helping to fix issues with our app perfectly integrated into a merchant’s Shopify store, and soon will be working on our core app also. He lives near Pittburgh, PA, and has a flair for the creative; he loves drawing, sculpting, and playing guitar. When he isn’t honing his various crafts, you’ll normally find him over-analyzing animation or playing video games with his children. During the holidays, he most enjoys getting to see and spend time with family. 

#1 - Galactic Toys - Toys, models, miniatures and more

Whether you know someone who collects Gundams, keeps up with Magic The Gathering, or has a shelf of Funko Pops of their favorite comic characters, Galactic Toys has a bit of everything. They started out as many small businesses do - a group of friends in a garage in Grand Rapids, MI, making their vision a reality. They wanted to share their passion for toys and collectibles, giving fellow collectors a hub where they could buy the latest and best no matter their favorite hobby.


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#2 - Borough Kitchen - Better tools for better cooking

Every cook and every kitchen is different, and that means each needs their own unique tools. That’s Borough Kitchen’s central ethos - providing cooks and chefs of every level the tools they need to cook better food. They stock a range of trend-led products and timeless classics, all with function, durability, and quality in mind. They prioritize brands and products that are built to last, no matter how much use they get so they can become long-lasting essentials in your kitchen. They carry favorites like Lodge and KitchenAid, as well as smaller, niche brands, and they ship internationally.

Lodge cast iron pan

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#3 - Grabie - Everything you need to get creative

Grabie was founded on the idea of creating an interactive ecommerce platform that incorporates community into the experience of shopping for art supplies. They want to inspire more creativity by providing people with a wide range of high quality but affordable supplies, giving them convenience and value so they can go out into the world and create with confidence. They stock a plethora of supplies for all different types of creative activities from modelling to sculpting to painting and more. An ideal place to get a bunch of great supplies for the artist in your life this holiday season.

Polymer sculptor set

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#4 - BodyKun Dolls - Fully articulate drawing mannequins

Another one for the creatives in your life, BodyKun makes pose-able mannequins for artists that are arguably the best on the market. Especially when it comes to styles such as manga, many artists find it difficult to purchase a mannequin that is articulate enough to suit the various reference poses and dynamic actions they need for their drawings. If they can find what they need, it’s also often very expensive, and less accessible to beginners. They often resort to other action figures that are typically stiff, or models which aren’t quite realistic enough. BodyKun’s mannequins are highly flexible, fully articulated, and extremely high quality, giving artists the ability to create the reference poses they need without the limitations of other figures.   


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#5 - Arteza - Art supplies for everyone

No matter if you’re a painter, photographer, illustrator, or any other kind of crafter, good quality supplies are a must-have. Arteza aims to provide creators of any and every budget with high quality, affordable art supplies that allow them to unlock their creative potential. They sell a wide range of supplies across a variety of mediums from different types of paint and the necessary equipment to best work with them, to markers and fineliners ideal for illustration, to cases and tools to help you keep all your work organized. If you’ve got a crafty friend or family member then a set of good quality pens, a new set of brushes, or a fresh canvas ready for their imagination could be just the ticket this holiday season.


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