Govalo Gift Guide 2021 - Ivy’s wishlist

Buying gifts can be stressful, especially if you’re not familiar with what the recipient is interested in or what they already have. You want to find the perfect gift, but have no clue where to start. 

Well, let our team help you out. Everyone on our team here at Govalo has come up with their wishlist for the holiday season, and we’ve got everything from activewear, to snacks, to vacuum cleaners, sneakers, dungarees and rave wear. 

Today’s wishlist is maybe the most bright and colorful yet, and if you know anyone who’s into rave culture or even just fun, bright clothing, then Ivy Astrix has the perfect suggestions.

Ivy Astrix

Ivy is a Staff Engineer at Govalo and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a long-time diversity and social justice activist and advocate, and speaks often on issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace and emergent spaces such as social audio and web3. She is a writer, podcaster, and rave / music festival enthusiast, and is on the board of directors for the New Forms Music Festival.

#1 - Plurthlings - Rave culture inspired apparel

Founders Monsoon and Kahu started Plurth as a concept born from a love for the rave community, recognizing that rave was more than just music - it’s the outfits, the lights, the events, and more. They were inspired to fuse music and fashion, in order to fund sustainable music and promote positive change. Plurthlings is an extension of that concept, selling comfortable apparel that their community would love to wear. 

Ivy highlighted their Watermelon Trailz hoodie - a super bright, standout hoodie that not only looks great, but is made with soft, breathable fabric making it an all-seasons piece.

Watermelon Trailz Hoodie

Click here to shop - Plurthlings

#2 - Fancy Unicorns - Colorful fans and accessories

If you’re going to all the effort of creating an amazing rave look, there’s little point in getting any boring old accessories, right? Fancy Unicorns make the most amazing, colorful, fabulous fans, parasols, accessories and more. Their fans and parasols are made with high quality, durable materials to keep you cool on the dance floor or while having fun in the sun. They also collaborate with artists, musicians, and influencers to create unique, limited edition ranges. 

Ivy has highlighted two of her must-have items from their store.

The first is the Psychedelic Mood Festival Fan - a collaboration with Sammi AKA @lil.trvp.unicorn on Instagram. 

Psychedelic Mood Fan

The other item Ivy’s got her eye on is the Let’s Get Wavy Parasol - the perfect way to keep cool at festivals and raves, or even just down the beach.

Let's Get Wavy parasol

Click here to shop - Fancy Unicorns

#3 - Raver’s Culture - One-stop shop for rave fashion

Raver’s Culture was founded in 2015, aiming to be a one-stop shop for ravers looking for everything they’d need to make their crazy fashion dreams a reality.Their concept and community focuses on self-expression and creativity, so their team sources and scouts for the latest trends, show-stopping outfits, and stand-out accessories. More than that, they want to provide their community with the ability to express themselves through fashion at an affordable price.

The top items on Ivy’s wishlist from Raver’s Culture are these amazing Oversized Butterfly Sunglasses:

Butterfly Sunglasses

And their holographic Tokyo Futuristic Backpack:

Tokyo futuristic backpack

Click here to shop - Raver’s Culture

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