Govalo Gift Guide 2021 - Kelly’s wishlist

Finding the perfect gift is easier said than done. There’s definitely a reason why so many of us leave gift buying to the last minute - we don’t know what to buy!

That’s where gift guides come in handy, but even then sometimes you don’t know what buzzwords to look for. So, we asked our team what was on their wishlists for the holidays - rather than specific recipients or types of gift, we’ve got an eclectic mix of amazing businesses you can spend those holiday gift bucks with. 

Our wishlist today comes from Kelly Vaughn. 

Kelly Vaughn

Kelly is the other half of Govalo's co-founding duo. For her part as Co-Founder and Co-CEO, she owns the technical and product side of things. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband - they always have the best recommendations for food and drink in the city. She loves to travel, cook, and explore local restaurants and coffee shops. When it comes to the holidays, she loves spending time with her family and friends. 

#1 - Evermill - Beautifully presented spices and kitchenware

Everyone’s been through that struggle of a cupboard full of spices and herbs - all different containers from various grocery stores, some buried in the back from who knows when, not really being able to find the one you’re looking for. Evermill founders Mark and Luke recognised that while food brings together cultures and communities, that common problem of mismatched spices was something they wanted to solve. They make a range of beautifully presented spices, countertop racks, and in-drawer racks, to make your kitchen simpler and your cooking more efficient. If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s a wizz in the kitchen, they’ll thank you for giving adding that extra bit of spice to their cooking game. 

Evermill The Rack

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#2 - Brightland - Authentically made olive oils and vinegars

When Aishwarya and her husband started to get into cooking, they expected to improve their wellbeing but were left a little...queasy. After eliminating all the obvious foods like dairy, they discovered that in fact the culprit was the olive oil they were using. It turns out, not all oils are created equal; some are full of preservatives and nasties that really aren’t necessary. Brightland is rooted in a deep belief in using what the land provides, and being based in sunny California they have access to beautiful olives, grapes, and fruit. They source their ingredients from local family-run farms, to blend together their gorgeous olive oils and vinegars. You can really taste the difference too, and knowing they’re good for you too makes them taste that little bit better.  The ideal gift for a foodie looking to really step up their game in the kitchen.

Brightland - Essential Capsule Collection

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#3 - Muddy Bites - The best bit of the cone

As a kid, getting a sundae cone is one of the best treats in the world. What’s even better is getting to the bottom of the cone and eating the chunk of chocolate wrapped in wafer. Well, how about now buying a whole bag of those best bits? That’s exactly what Muddy Bites set out to do - a whole bag of chunks of delicious chocolate wrapped in crunchy wafer. Best of all, you’re not limited to just milk chocolate, Muddy Bites are also available in dark and white chocolate, and what’s more is you can even get them set up as a subscription. Perfect for a little hit of nostalgia, or just a bit of fun!

Muddy bites Dark Chocolate

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#4 - Peloton - Apparel for your favorite static cycle

If you follow Kelly on Twitter, this inclusion will come as no surprise. They may be best known for their cycles, but they also sell a wide range of activewear and accessories that are just as comfortable as they are functional. High performance materials combine with unique designs, fun patterns, to create workout gear that you’ll probably never want to take off. In fact, they aren’t just great for the Peloton fan in your life, but anyone who appreciates a really comfy pair of leggings.

Peloton - Sunrise Leggings

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#5 - Allbirds - Sustainably made footwear

Allbirds are one of the fastest growing footwear brands in the world, and for good reason. It all started when New Zealand native Tim Brown wanted to create footwear made using a remarkable and sustainable resource - merino wool. Working alongside engineer and renewables expert, Joey Zwillinger, they worked to develop a revolutionary wool fabric made for footwear. Their approach to footwear is unique, in that not only are they made in an environmentally conscious way but they also are designed for simplicity. In other words, no flashy logos, no unnecessary details, just really comfortable, practical footwear that can be used with multiple different outfits in all different situations. 

Allbirds - Women's Wool Pipers

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