Govalo Gift Guide 2021 - Keturah’s wishlist

Counting down the days to the holidays? Still not sure what you’re going to buy for certain people? 

We’ve all been there. The further into the holiday season we get, the more we start to collectively worry about finding the “perfect” gift. We go from “I have so much time!” to “I have NO time” very quickly.

That’s why we asked our team for their wishlist for the holiday season - full of all sorts of ideas from a range of different interests, hobbies, and ideas. We’re sure you’ll find at least one idea that gives you that “Aha!” moment.

Today’s wishlist is courtesy of Keturah Walker. 

Keturah Walker

Keturah's role at Govalo is Merchant Success Representative. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA and has hobbies that include theater and the arts, wine tasting, and restaurant hopping. She also can't turn down karaoke! Keturah enjoys that the holidays have a way of uniting people--bringing people and families together while reminding people to be humble and graceful. 

#1 - Blk & Bold - Coffee and tea with purpose

Many of us love to start our day with a fresh cup of tea or coffee. So why not turn that daily ritual into a force for good? That’s what Blk & Bold’s founders, Pernell and Rod, thought when they created their range of high quality teas and coffees. They put 5% of their profits towards initiatives that serve traditionally underserved youth communities - so you can have a hot cup o’ joe in the morning and know a part of that has contributed to making someone’s life a little bit better. Their coffees come in a variety of roasts to suit all tastes, as well as in a range of different formats like whole bean and ground as well as single-use coffee bags. The reviews speak for themselves - treat your loved ones to some top notch beans and do a little good in the world at the same time. 

Blk & Bold

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#2 - GOLDE - Everyday wellness made easy

We all want to feel better about our health and wellness, but actually doing something about it can be a bit tricky to incorporate into our busy everyday lives. GOLDE make it easy for everyone to incorporate superfoods and wellness into their daily routine. Rather than having to go out of your way and disrupt your usual day-to-day life, GOLDE’s superfood products fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Whether it’s mixing up a matcha latte in the morning, taking a daily supplement, or winding down with a face mask, they produce a wide range of accessible superfood wellness products that make it easy and fun for anyone to do their body a bit of good everyday. Ideal for the health conscious friend, or the person in your life about to make a new year’s resolution to be more mindful of their wellbeing!

GOLDE original turmeric blend

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#3 - The Wrap Life - Beautifully made hair accessories

Someone wearing something in their hair can have a wealth of different reasons behind it - comfort, fashion, function, self-expression. Whatever the reason, The Wrap Life makes beautiful hair wraps, hair bands, scrunchies and more in a range of different patterns, textures, and styles to suit anyone and everyone. Inspired by West African expressions of head-dress, they design functional, colorful, fun hair accessories using premium fabrics that celebrate and inspire women. 

The Wrap Life

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#4 - Girl + Hair - Science backed natural hair-care

Caring for natural hair can be difficult, especially in finding the right products. Girl+Hair founder, Camille, often found herself wearing more protective styles such as braids or hair extensions, but couldn’t find the right products that would keep her natural hair healthy and moisturized. Girl+Hair makes a range of science backed, natural hair-care products specifically designed to maintain and grow hair while in a protective hairstyle, making it easy and convenient to care for natural hair. Their products are cruelty free, and free from parabens, sulfates, silicones and more. The perfect present for the loved one looking to add something new to their hair-care routine.

Girl+Hair collection

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#5 - Reparations Club - Curated books and events

Black-owned, and woman-owned, Reparations Club is a concept bookshop and creative space in Los Angeles, CA. They sell a curated array of books, as well as homeware, art, and more from their online store. From their base in LA, they host a calendar of events from writers, artists, and more, as well as game nights and online workshops. Reparations Club is about more than just books - it’s about community through consciousness, and celebration of the voices in their community. If you’re looking to give the gift of a good read, look no further. 

Bad Fat Black Girl by Sesali Bowen

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#6 - Brooklinen - Simple, beautiful home essentials

Rich and Vicki Fullop’s story with Brooklinen is very straightforward - they just wanted somewhere they could get high quality home essentials at a reasonable price. They’re not textile experts, they just knew they wanted some really quality materials for their home. They keep things simple; no middlemen, no luxury markups, and no confusing jargon like thread counts. Just really beautiful products made with the best materials, in a variety of timeless designs. Your home will never go out of style or be behind on the latest trends, their homeware is designed to stand the test of time. A really wonderful gift for anyone in your life who appreciates really great homeware.

Brooklinen Down Comforter

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