Govalo Gift Guide 2021 - Zoe’s wishlist

The holidays are a time full of fun, family, friends, and food. They’re also a time full of “what do I buy for my dad?”, “what does my sister actually like?”, “does my partner even need anything?”.

Finding gifts is hard. We’ve all had the struggle. That’s why our team has got together, and given their top wishlist items for the holiday season. Between us, we’ve got a lot of really great ideas that’s sure to spark some inspiration.

Today’s wishlist comes from Zoe Bayley.

Zoe Bayley

Based in Atlanta, GA, Zoe is a Relationship Manager here at Govalo, making sure all our customers are happy and helping more merchants discover what they can do with their gift card experience. When she isn’t working, she enjoys hanging out with daughter and husband, socializing, gardening, and interior design. When it comes to the holidays, there’s nothing she loves more than spending quality time with her family while listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas on repeat!

#1 - Summersalt - Fashionable functional travel essentials

We’ve all been there - packing for a vacation, not sure what you need. You want to be comfortable for the journey, but your comfiest clothes aren’t always your best for heading out once you arrive. Well, say hello to Summersalt. They design hardworking travel essentials that are comfortable enough for the journey, and stylish enough for the destination. They believe that fashion and function should be one and the same when it comes to packing for a vacation, and to ensure comfort their sizes are based on over 1.5 million measurements from over 10,000 women. If you’ve got a travel-loving friend, or a family member who’s a notorious over-packer, some essentials from Summersalt would be a welcome gift.

Summersalt Flip Swimsuit

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#2 - Soludos - Travel inspired footwear

Based in SoHo, NYC, Soludos have been thoughtfully crafted shoes and accessories since 2010. Their shoes are simple, but taken very seriously, reimagining classic, long-loved styles to make them perfect for modern living with quirky details and responsibly sourced materials. Another brand with wanderlust, they’re inspired by travel both in aesthetics and functionality so you’ll get a pair of shoes that aren’t just lovely to look at but super comfortable to wear all day as you explore. 


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#3 - Dyson - Innovative home technology

In 1978, James Dyson was becoming increasingly frustrated with his vacuum cleaner. Its performance was getting worse and worse, and so he did what he thought was best - he took it completely apart. What he discovered was that the bag was clogging the vacuum with dust, causing the suction to drop. Surely, there was a better way. An industrial engineer by trade, he’d recently worked on an industrial cyclone and he wondered...could he apply the same principles to a vacuum cleaner? 5000+ prototypes later and James had invented the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner. In the year since, Dyson has continued to innovate in the home technology industry not limited to just vacuums but expanding into lighting, air treatment, and even hair care. Their products are built to last, and designed to fit into anyone’s lifestyle.


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#4 - Canopy - Wellness boosting diffusers and humidifiers

Home environment plays a huge role in our day-to-day wellness. It can even affect our skin, sleep, and breathing. Canopy is a line of reimagined devices that optimize your home for wellness, and look great too rather than typical bulky bits of machinery. They’re dermatologist and pediatrician recommended, promote easier breathing, better sleep, and overall improve your daily wellness in the home. Their humidifiers are anti-mold and easy to clean, and their diffusers use vegan, cruelty-free pure essential oils, so your home is filled with clean, pure air.  


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#5 - Archipelago - The art of living well

Making a house into a home is about more than just furniture and decor, it’s about that ambiance that comes from things like fragrance and light. Archipelago was founded on the idea that wellness and luxury come from simple products, made with simple ingredients, that are designed to bring that ambiance to your home. They started with a small supply of essential oils and natural ingredients, crafting their products in a garage in Santa Monica. Inspired by the smells and experiences of their world travels, family and friends soon took notice and before long their humble business grew larger. While they may have outgrown that garage 20 years later, they’re still making botanical-based wellness and lifestyle products with the same ethos. Their range would make the perfect self-care addition to any gift this holiday season.


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