Govalo 2022 Gift Guide

The countdown to Christmas is on and that means that it's time to find the perfect gift for all of your people! Whether your list of people to buy for is long or short, look no further for inspiration. Everyone at Govalo has teamed up to create a gift guide able to solve all of your shopping troubles. Each member of our team, from CEO, to lead engineer, has contributed two ideas to our Govalo wishlist, to help you find the perfect gift for anyone on your list. 


Aaron’s Gift Ideas - Baboon to the Moon & Rabbit Wine

As Govalo’s Chief Engineer, Aaron writes code and leads the fellow engineers on the team. His wealth of knowledge speaks to his experience. Outside of work, he spends time playing with even more code and other gadgets. He loves the holidays and spending time with his kids. A man such as Aaron truly has a unique wishlist. 


Mini Go-Bag - Baboon to the Moon

The perfect size, this bag supports any adventure. With the capability to hold the necessities for a few days, take this bag on the go or just for show. Its colorfulness adds a bright aesthetic, while its material boasts sustainability and durability. With many zippers and pockets, it offers organization and accessibility. With many 5-star reviews, this bag would aid in any travel, whether cross country or to a local coffee shop for a work date. 

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Craft Cocktail Bar Tool Set - Rabbit Wine


This cocktail tool set comes with everything you need to make a great drink. The set includes a spin spoon, garnish tool, mudder/reamer, strainer, jigger, and mixing glass. All inclusive and multi-functional, the set enables you to make any classic drink or to shake something new and original up. This holiday season, elevate your hosting game or relish in quiet nights with a drink in hand. 

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Addy’s Gift Ideas - Spoonful of Comfort & Stagg

Addy is the Chief of Staff at Govalo and does it all. She schedules meetings, creates bridges of communication, ties up the loose ends, and genuinely cares about each and every person on staff. Her wishlist speaks to her nature and love for cooking. 

Broccoli Cheddar Soup - Spoonful of Comfort

Nothing screams comfort more than a warm, freshly made bowl of soup. Adding simplicity while still maintaining that home cooked flavor, this broccoli cheddar soup will cure any case of the winter blues. With a creamy butter base, rich cheddar cheese, and a serving of broccoli and carrots, this blend will warm anyone from top to bottom. Any purchase comes with cookies and rolls, flavor enough to complete any meal and please any palette. 

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Fellow Electric Kettle - Stagg 

Calling all coffee lovers! This electric kettle will help you brew the perfect cup of joe, and help ease the stress of hectic holiday mornings. With variable temperatures and quick heat time, the kettle will brew anyone a personalized cup of coffee. Plus, it's chic design will compliment any countertop just in time for holiday hosting. 

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Amaya’s Gift Ideas - Genuine Fred & Presently

Amaya is Govalo’s marketing intern. She writes blogs, contributes content to our social media channels, and adds a creative perspective. Outside of work, she is a student-athlete and is majoring in English and Philosophy. Her love for words can be seen in her wish list. 


Puff Pins - Genuine Fred

Accent any corkboard with these cute, imaginative push pins. From Genuine Fred come these simple, yet fun, pins, guaranteed to make any stationary lover grin. This set is perfect for a college student or anyone else looking to increase their organization in a functional, yet stylish way. 

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Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet - Presently 

Be present this holiday season with these stunning bracelets as a reminder. Choose your mantra and never lack a gentle nudge to mindfulness, while also participating in ending the stigma around mental health. Each stone represents a different attribute, and also accents any outfit colorfully. With simple beauty and a touch of elegance, these bracelets have a deeper meaning than what's on the surface. 

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Gustavo’s Gift Ideas - Tip Top & Antonelli’s Cheese

Gustavo is Govalo’s solutions engineer and can translate “engineer speak” like no other. He lends support to all of our merchants and knows the ins and outs of our product. Any questions, he's got the answer. Outside of work, he loves good food and good company, two things his wish list reflects. 


Variety Pack - Tip Top Cocktails

Be the favorite guest at any holiday gathering when you come with Tip Top cocktails in hand. Offering a wide variety of cocktails and flavors, ranging from classics to some reimagined recipes, Tip Top caters to its drinkers offering them a beverage anytime, anywhere. Easy to serve, and easy to give, a box of Tip Top cocktails checks all the boxes of a great gift. 

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Cheese + Meat + Treats Platter - Antonelli’s Cheese

A holiday just wouldn’t be complete without a meat and cheese platter. But, this timeless treat is a great option for an early lunch or appetizer too. In all of its gorgeous delicacy, this combo pairs well with any drink. Common inclusions are, but not limited to, a variety of cheeses, cured meats, fruits, and pickled vegetables. Offering a savory and sweet solution to hunger cues, this platter will tempt any onlooker. 

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Mason’s Gift Ideas - Taft &

Mason is Govalo’s Principal Engineer and prides himself on delivering code daily. He problem-solves and finds solutions for any issue that arises. He helps keep our app running smoothly and never hesitates to jump in and help. He enjoys biking and traveling, the outdoors reflected by his wish list. 


The Klay Sneaker - Taft

Nothing completes an outfit like the perfect pair of shoes and that’s exactly what these sneakers are. Showing off their Christmas spirit in a display of red and white leather, these shoes are classy and modern. A company fueled by a shoe obsession, unique designs, and the details, Taft knows what makes a good pair of shoes, and these are undoubtedly great kicks. 

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Mustard Pretzels -

Whether looking to complete your holiday array of treats or for a salty snack, Pretzels are a necessity. Ranging from spicy to tangy to extra cheesy, they will keep you reaching for more. What better time to indulge though than the holiday season, so treat yourself to a rod of gluten goodness. 

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Rhian’s Gift Ideas - Cosabella & Boxt

As the founder of Govalo, Rhian leads our team with passion. She works tremendously hard, travels often, and is never too shy for a challenge. She loves the holiday season and celebrates both Christmas and Chanukah. Work hard and rest hard with Rhian’s wish list!


Long Pajama Set - Cosabella

Nothing is better than sitting by a fire, next to the Christmas tree, in a soft, silky set of pajamas. Cosabella has just that special set of pjs that you’ve been waiting for. In multitudes of colors, lengths, and styles, there is a fit for anyone. Everyone deserves to feel the warmth that only the holidays season can bring and Cosabella pjs surely assist. 

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Number 6 Merlot - Boxt

Boxed wine has never been so good! Offering six different blends, Boxt has truly revolutionized wine. This specific profile is described as a velvety, slightly sweet, indulgent red and notes of cherry, raspberry and peach. Perfect for the holidays, or an evening glass, this wine will leave you reveling in the goodness of the season. 

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Rob’s Gift Ideas - Le Green Touch & Brightland

At Govalo, Rob is our Chief Product officer. He knows the ins and outs of Govalo and truly enjoys the people he works with and the work he gets to do each day. He enjoys getting outside but also staying in for a night. His wishlist is the perfect balance. 

Terrarium - Le Green Touch

Bring the outdoors in, even to your desk, with this terrarium. Whether it keeps you company at your workplace, or takes a prominent place in your living room, its natural essence will spruce up any space. With the ability to compliment any Christmas tree in its deep, green richness, it is a timeless piece of decor.

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The Mini Essentials Kit - Brightland

The secret ingredient everyone has been waiting for: Brightland’s oils. Ranging from bold olive oils, to raw balsamic vinegars, this set will give you a taste test sent from heaven. Without a doubt, the bottles will be empty by the new year, time enough to purchase a complete set and enjoy all year round. 

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Shannon’s Gift Ideas - Curie & Felix Gray

Shannon is the brains behind Govalo’s social media content. Based in Scotland, she works remotely, spending plenty of time reading, writing, and typing away. She also loves studying languages and learning grammar. Truly a friend of words, Shannon’s wish list would pair well with any good book. 


Whipped Body Wash Trio - Curie

Relax and unwind with this trio of goodness from Curie. This whipped, velvety deliciousness will help you de-stress after long days of holiday shopping or cooking. Offering sweet relief, these bath products will have you asking where they have been all your life. Truly the best, they will outshine any other soap and leave you dazzling. 

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Kepler Blue Light Glasses - Felix Gray

Whether you’re working or pulling an all nighter shopping, save your eyes with these glasses. Stylish and practical, they would suit anyone. Promising the full package and excellent customer care, Feliz Gray boasts many happy customers and success stories. Consider these glasses if you want to see the true brilliance of the season. 

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