Govalo Gift Guide: David's Wishlist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but perhaps not if you’re stumped for gift ideas. We’ve all been there - searching and hunting for the perfect gift for someone notoriously difficult to buy for. Sometimes, however, you just need that one good idea that comes out of the blue and that’s where our team gift guides come in.

We asked everyone on our team to give us their top 5 wishlist items for the holiday season, and they gave us a big, eclectic mix of amazing stores and products ready to help you navigate those tricky-to-buy-for people in your life. 

Today’s wishlist comes from David Chadwick.

David Chadwick

David is a Merchant Success Representative at Govalo and lives in Redlands, CA. He loves geeking out about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Game Of Thrones and Seinfeld. He also has a love for music and sports. His favorite teams being the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers. David is also a DJ, spinning everything from hip hop to house music. He loves the holidays because it involves spending time with friends and family, holiday parties, and getting a chance to wear winter clothing, which doesn’t happen often in Southern California.

#1 - Alife - Culture driven NYC streetwear

Founded in 1999 and based in NYC, Alife is a culture-led lifestyle brand designing high-quality, curated streetwear. The brand itself showcases downtown culture not just through its clothes, but through art exhibitions, collaborations, live events, and more. Their clothes are multi-functional, designed for all different use throughout daily life, for example David highlighted their Swim/Run nylon shorts made for...well, you can probably guess.

Alife swim run shorts image

Click here to shop - Alife

#2 - Organifi - Healthy superfood powered juice

Safe to say a good number of us have tried a health drink that claims to do this, that, and the other. But you probably haven’t tried Organifi’s Green Juice. Organifi started out aiming to create a superfood health drink packed with flavor that acts as more than just a “quick fix”. Their juice makes it quick and simple to mix up a delicious drink that can make a noticeable difference to areas you’re looking to improve such as daily wellness, digestion, energy and more. The holidays can be full on indulgence so if you’re looking for a gift that’s a little healthier, look no further.

Organifi green juice

Click here to shop - Organifi

#3 - Seventeenth - Beautiful high-quality timepieces

Bold, striking, and elegant, Seventeenth design beautiful timepieces that turn your wristwatch into more than just a standard way to tell the time. Founded by veteran, Chris Johnson, he discovered a passion for watches while serving in the US Army developing a deep respect for the craftsmanship involved and the statement a beautiful watch makes. A high-quality watch makes for a wonderful gift for anyone, so it’s not hard to see why this is on the wishlist.

Seventeenth watches

Click here to shop - Seventeenth

#4 - Ales Grey - Comfortable slip-on shoes

If you’ve ever thought slip ons can’t be luxurious, think again. Ales Grey is a luxury shoe brand designed for comfort and quality while also making a positive change in the world. Their slip on clogs are made with recycled, sustainable materials, and a portion of all sales go towards the Inner-City Arts Foundation. Each pair is made to the highest standard of quality in artisan factories in Europe, and they also create seasonal shoes as well as brand collaborations with the likes of Puma. 

Ales Grey - slip on clog

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#5 - New Republic - Timeless style with a modern twist

New Republic fuses classic silhouettes with modern design and premium materials to create an entirely contemporary approach to fashion. Specifically we’re looking at their footwear, where they strive to make stylish shoes sustainable, and comfortable to wear. Their Stanton shoes are a modern twist on the slip-on sneaker, taking the very best elements of its classic design and elevating them with recycled suede, hand-stitching, and a cork footbed that gives an extra level of comfort.

New Republic Stanton Slip on Sneaker

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