Govalo Gift Guide - Rhian's Wishlist

The holidays are nearly here and you know what that means - it’s crunch time for finding the perfect gifts.

To help you along and get in the seasonal spirit, we asked everyone on our team to give us their wishlists for the holidays. From clothing to dolls to plants to sneakers to books and beyond, you’ll be sure to spot something that piques your interest and makes you say “that’s it!” for someone in your life. 

Today’s wishlist comes from Rhian Beutler.

Rhian Beutler - Govalo Co-founder

Rhian Beutler is the co-founder of Govalo and lives in Redlands, California. She loves reading, candles, weighted blankets, playing the piano and being a mom. Rhian grew up in a multicultural family that celebrates both Chunnukah and Christmas. While a practicing Jew, she loves all things Christmas ( yes, including the songs!).  Her favorite holiday traditions include eating too many latkes, eating too much gelt, and Christmas dinner. She always does matching pajamas with her family and loves that.

#1 - Healthy Roots Dolls - Empowering dolls celebrating diversity 

Toys are a powerful influence on children as they grow and learn about the world around them. For many, dolls are a big part of play-time but when a child can’t find a doll that looks like them, it can negatively affect their self-esteem. Healthy Roots Dolls was founded with this in mind, creating dolls that empower young girls, embrace their curls, and celebrate diversity. You only have to look at their social media and all the various ways young girls have personalized and made Zoe their own to see the positive impact Healthy Roots Dolls are having. 

Healthy Roots Dolls Zoe doll

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#2 - The Sill - Plants, plants, and more plants

Whether you know someone who’s a true plant mama, or you think your friend could go with a Parlor Palm to spruce up their home office, The Sill’s holiday collection is the ideal one-stop shop for perfect plant presents. Best of all you can pick plants that are ideally suited to your gift recipient, whether they need to have plants that are pet friendly, or they need a more robust plant that can take a few forgotten waterings.

The Sill pet friendly duo selection

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#3 - Elonwick - Hand-poured soy candles

Is there anything cozier than getting cuddled up with a fluffy blanket and lighting a candle? Based in Georgia, Elonwick make amazing hand-poured soy candles in a whole range of wonderful scents from sweet and relaxing Georgia Peach to an earthy wake-up call with Good Morning Joe. Fun and quirky and they smell amazing.

Elonwick Bonfire candle

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#4 - House of Wise - Full-spectrum CBD 

It would be way too simplistic to categorize House of Wise as simply a CBD brand - it’s so much more than that. House of Wise’s products are designed to allow women to take control of their “peace, rest, pleasure, and fitness” through a range of CBD infused gummies, serums, and oils. Each key area you want to target has its own specific blend of CBD along with other beneficial extracts to truly empower you to live life to the fullest.

House of Wise Sleep CBD dummies

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# 5 - Baboon to the Moon - Bags, backpacks, and everything in between

Maybe one of the best names ever, and they’ve got great products to match. Baboon to the Moon make bags and backpacks designed for adventure - whether that’s a local getaway or a round the world trip. They’re made with high quality materials designed to last, rather than the kind of fast fashion bags that barely seem to last a single vacation so they’re better for the planet. Plus they come in tons of different fun colors and patterns, so your backpack looks just as exciting as your next adventure. 

Baboon to the Moon - Go-Bag Big Purple

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