Govalo Gift Guide 2021 - Rob’s wishlist

Finding gift ideas is hard. It’s strangely made all the more difficult because of the sheer amount of choice we have online - name a product, there’s probably hundreds of online stores that sell it in some shape or form. 

To make that internet hunt for the perfect present a little easier, we asked our team for their recommendations based on their own wishlists for this year’s holiday season. From skincare to aperitifs to pet essentials, we’ve got a mix of stuff that’s sure to inspire you.

Today’s list comes from Rob Shipway.

Rob Shipway

Rob is our Director of UX and lives in Redlands, California. He loves riding bikes, playing music and spending time with his family. Rob grew up only celebrating Christmas, but now has a multi-cultural family who celebrates both Chanukah and Christmas. His favorite part of the holiday season has to be the baking; anything from sweets, to pie, to chocolate (especially chocolate). He also loves whisky - and the holidays are the perfect time to enjoy a dram or two.

#1 - Fable - Innovative pet gear

Everyone wants the best for their pets - the best food, the best toys, the best life really. Fable makes innovative pet gear that’s designed to solve problems for you and your pet so you can both get back to exploring together. Rather than adapting existing ideas, they design their products from the ground up meaning you’ll get the best tools, not just the best version of someone else’s idea. They’re all made from safe, durable materials with minimal hazards and are strength tested so they can withstand any amount of wear and tear your furry friend can inflict. Their starter set comes with everything a new pet owner needs to get off on the right paw - their stylish, functional crate and bed, ceramic bowl, collar, and more. 

Fable pet starter kit

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#2 - Disco - High quality skincare for men

When Disco founder Ben was growing up, he always made sure he used cleansers, moisturizers etc. and that carried on into his adult life. However as time went on he noticed something - the products and regimens he was using were almost always targeted toward women. There simply wasn’t a male-focussed alternative, and even though he had a good idea of what he should be using he couldn’t find something that spoke to his skincare issues as a man. That’s why he created Disco - a skincare brand for men that uses scientifically proven ingredients and ethical practices. They’re transparent about the ingredients that they use, and the benefits they offer, so their customers know exactly what they’re putting on their face. Definitely a great alternative to shower gel sets!

Disco skincare

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#3 - Orucase - Innovative bags for cyclists

Have you ever tried to get a bicycle on an airplane? It costs a ton of money, and it’s a lot of hassle. Or have you ever tried to go on a long cycle and had no space for your stuff? If you’re a cyclist, you probably feel the pain. Orucase started when their founders wanted a solution to taking their bikes on planes, and so they created their first bag that essentially “folds” the bike into a more compact format. They’ve since created a wide range of other travel cases, saddle bags, and more, that make it easier for cyclists to ride without trying to work out what they can and can’t fit in their bags. You’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for any and every keen cyclist in your life.

Orucase handlebar bag

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#4 - Drink Haus - Modern California-made aperitifs

Most of the time when we’re out with friends or buying some liquor to drink at home, we don’t necessarily think about what goes in the bottle. Preservatives, artificial flavorings and color - not what we really want to be drinking when we’re trying to wind down with something nice. Haus believes you should raise your glass with something better. They craft modern takes on a European classic - the aperitif. Blended in Sonoma County, CA, their inspired drinks range is rooted in transparency and using real, natural ingredients sourced from the same suppliers that sell into Michelin star restaurants. Their flavors are creative, and you know exactly what’s in every bottle meaning fewer headaches and more enjoyment. The ideal celebratory gift for this holiday season.

Haus aperitifs

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#5 - Firebelly Tea - Sustainably-minded teas

When Shopify President, Harley Finkelstein, told his friend David Segal that his afternoon coffee was keeping him up at night, David decided to send him a curated selection of teas. He wanted to show Harley the benefits of drinking tea - their power of rejuvenation and energizing effects, all without the typical coffee crash. Well, he was so convinced that the two entrepreneurs started Firebelly Tea. They produce a variety of flavorful teas, using all natural ingredients and completely compostable packaging. They want to change how we think of and drink tea, and with infusions like lemon verbena and lavender alongside long-time favorites like matcha, they’re well on their way to converting coffee loyalists into tea fanatics.

Firebelly Matcha tea set

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