Govalo Subscription Guide

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Say hello to gift subscriptions! Subscriptions have taken off in recent years, with everything from streaming services to curated boxes and more growing in popularity. 

They also make a great gift - turning a one-off gift into a whole experience that lasts weeks, months, or even longer! Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or any other occasion, subscriptions are ideal when you want to get something a little more unique. Gift subscriptions allow customers to purchase a personal, thoughtful, and individualized gift for loved ones. With the ease of a click, they bless another’s day on many future occasions to come. 

There are a lot of great subscription services out there, so today we’re looking at the top 5 that we’d recommend as the perfect present you can buy right now! 

Item #1: Fellow



With this gift subscription from Fellow, give the gift that not only keeps giving, but keeps others sipping. This subscription guarantees meticulous curation, delicious convenience, and brewing perfection. Fellow weaves personalization throughout the experience, allowing customers to select their brew preferences. Then, Fellow handpicks their coffees to match their tastes, and ships them to the customer ready to brew in their home. Wide varieties of coffee from around the world will be delivered to your recipient’s doorstep, without even having to lift a finger. Sit back, relax, and sip away. 

Click here to shop Fellow.


Item #2: Ecoriginals 



Every parent and caregiver knows the struggle of keeping a baby clean and happy. Make their day with the gift of never-ending baby wipes from Ecoriginals! Made from bamboo, these wipes are both biodegradable and tear proof. They are completely natural and guaranteed to protect and nourish even the most sensitive of skin. Offering a variety of types, customers can select from purified water, manuka honey, goat milk, or a multi pack. When purchasing the subscription, customers save 20% and can choose their desired frequency of delivery. 

Click here to shop Ecoriginals.


Item #3: The Poetry Book Society 



Love a good poetry book? This subscription is meant to be. Subscribers will receive a year of thoughtful, poetic parcels. Included will be four of the newest, and best, poetry books or magazines. Kicking of the year of words, recipients will receive a tote bag and copy of an esteemed poetry book as well. Have the joy of words, the feel of a new book, and the perfect excuse to read all night delivered right to one’s door. Just as members say, “it’s like receiving a gift to your door each month.” Guaranteed to make the recipient of your gift fall deeper in love with words each and every month with this subscription. 

Click here to shop The Poetry Book Society.


Item #4: Stand 4 Socks



A classic gift idea with a twist! Get three pairs of socks and give three pairs of socks with this subscription. Stay in the giving spirit all year round, as for every pair purchased, one pair will be donated to a homeless shelter, as socks are one of the most requested items. Enabling a sock drawer refresh and blessing the lives of another, this subscription will surprise customers monthly with its designs. Taking cozy to a new level, each sock has comfortable seams, a reinforced heel and toe, and a supportive arch. Made from durable and versatile yarn, each pair of socks will bless more than one pair of feet. 

Click here to shop Stand 4 Socks.


Item #5: La Green Touch



Bring the outdoors inside and give the gift of a green thumb with La Green Touch. Your recipient will be able to keep their home looking fresh all year round with a monthly delivery of three mini plants shipped straight to their door. Chosen with care by experts, start a jungle family of mini potted plants that’ll brighten up any space in the home. Accompanying each beautiful little pot will be a detailed manual on how to best care for the new, natural friend. These potted plants will grace any space with a beauty only the outdoors can provide.


Click here to shop La Green Touch.


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