Govalo's essential plan is free for the holidays

Here at Govalo, merchants are our lifeblood.

This holiday season, merchants are facing an even more uncertain landscape than in 2020. Eclipsing Shippageddon 1.0 by leaps and bounds, this holiday may be one for the books, but for all the wrong reasons.

As you may or may not know by now, the supply chain has fractured, each link is weak, and it will impact small businesses to the most significant degree.

Every small business we have spoken to has told us the same thing- they are *terrified* about what is coming, and they need help.

While we can't fix the global economic conditions as a whole, the least we decided we could do is help where we can.

So, through the remainder of 2021, Govalo's Essential plan is free.*

Shopify merchants can use gift cards as an "out of stock" backup plan, a way to thank their customers, a sales strategy... the list goes on. But we believe that merchants will have a tough time without gift cards this holiday, and we know a rising boat lifts all tides.

*plus 2.9% total gift card value, billed monthly

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