Pop the cork! 6 drink & drinkware brand gift card examples

We all love a glass of something special to celebrate with, right? Whether it’s a cocktail, mocktail, or something else entirely. Luckily, there are plenty of brands out there that serve up that something special, delivered right to your door. And what better gift to give someone for a celebration?

Beverages and drinkware are a popular gifting category, so it makes sense to make it as easy and smooth an experience as possible for customers. However if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve pulled together 6 beverage and drinkware brands who use Govalo on Shopify. 

#1 - AF Drinks 

Let’s switch things up and start with something of the non-alcoholic variety. AF Drinks was founded in New Zealand by Lisa King in 2020, focusing on providing a sophisticated, delicious range of alcohol free drinks. Available in New Zealand and the USA, AF Drinks offers recognizable favorites like Grapefruit Margarita and Cucumber Gin & Tonic, as well as more unique options like Tokyo Highball and Sparkling Sake. 

If you want to give the gift of AF Drinks to a friend or loved one, it couldn’t be easier. They offer a couple different options - you can send a digital gift card, or you can buy a subscription. The gift card is easily customizable, and can be sent direct to the recipient - no missing gift cards hidden in cabinets. 

And if your friend has a favorite from AF Drinks’ range, you can even gift them a subscription. Rather than the customer buying a standard subscription and trying to pass over the details, they can simply buy a subscription as a gift. This works much the same as the gift card, but the customer can choose to activate the subscription whenever suits them best and manage it as if they’d bought it themselves. 

Click here to view AF Drinks.

#2 - Rabbit Wine 

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your drinks, then you need the right tools and equipment. Rabbit Wine brings the tools of the trade to your own home bar, making it easy to add a little flair to your drinks. They sell a range of practical wine accessories like corkscrews and foilcutters, as well as some more unique tools like wine aerators and even champagne sabers. Or if you’re more into cocktails, how about frozen cocktail tumblers and liquid infusers? 

Rabbit Wine makes sure that their customers can shop for gifts quickly, even providing useful suggestions for different budgets in their gift collections. And to make sure it doesn’t get missed, they include their gift card in the bestsellers section of their store. The gift card itself is more than just a simple code sent to the customers’ email. It can be personalized with the recipient’s name, email address, and a gift note to add that extra little touch. 

Click here to view Rabbit Wine.

#3 - Spritz Society 

Want that bartender quality cocktail without the hassle? Then crack open a can from Spritz Society. They sell a variety of refreshing sparkling cocktails sure to be a hit at a house party, on the beach, at a camping weekend…pretty much anywhere. They use real wine and real ingredients that you’ll actually recognize, to blend together their perfect pre-mixed cocktails. From blood orange to peach to pineapple, they also collaborate to create unique limited edition drinks. 

And who wouldn’t love to get a gift card so they can stock their fridge with a bunch of delicious spritzes? It can be pretty difficult to choose a flavor for someone else, so Spritz Society use Govalo to power their gift cards. This gives customers the ability to send perfectly personalized gift cards, right on the day they want to send them. 

Click here to view Spritz Society.

#4 - Mikasa 

Elevate your glassware game and pour your drinks into something you’ll want to show off. Mikasa not only crafts beautiful tableware, but also a wide selection of high quality glassware and drinkware accessories. You can find just about any kind of cocktail specific glass you’ll need - martini, lowball, goblet, you name it. Plus something special to pour your beer or wine into, and all the accessories needed to make it an occasion. Their ranges also in a variety of different styles and colors that’ll perfectly match your home bar.  

Now, as with the other merchants on this list, Mikasa power their gift cards using Govalo. They offer those same highly customizable gift cards, but they also make use of the multiple products feature. Typically if you’re using Shopify’s default gift card product, you can only have that one single product. However, as it sounds Govalo’s multiple products feature allows you to create more than one gift card product. This means you can have a different gift card for different occasions, swapping them out depending on the season. You can also get more data about which gift cards your customers typically buy, which can help with promotional strategies.

Click here to view Mikasa.

#5 - Tip Top Cocktails 

Mixing up cocktails can be a lot of fun, but it can be pretty expensive to keep that bar stocked with lots of spirits and niche liqueurs. Well, if you want bartender quality cocktails without the hassle of grabbing all those ingredients, look no further than Tip Top Cocktails. They work with top bartenders who really know their stuff to mix up high quality cocktails packed in convenient little cans. Take them to the park, to a BBQ, to the lake, wherever you want an Old Fashioned or Gin Martini on the go. 

Cocktails make for a great gift, but when you don’t know which to pick Tip Top offers a feature rich gift card powered by Govalo. Their customers can add all their recipient’s personal details and a gift note - they can even choose if they want it sent to their recipient on a specific date, or sent directly to them. If something gets entered wrongly or the recipient can’t find it, they can easily resend the gift card from Govalo’s dashboard. Simple, easy, and super convenient, just like their cocktails.


Click here to view Tip Top Cocktails.

#6 - Blind Barrels 

There are hundreds of different whiskies out there to try - from rye to bourbon and beyond, how do you know which are the best to try? Blind Barrels has the solution. Their subscription boxes are hand curated by whiskey experts who are tasked with finding the very best in American craft whiskey. Each box arrives with four different whiskies to sample, and if you find a brand you love you’ll be able to buy full bottles at exclusive prices through their members-only bottle shop.

Trying to choose a whiskey for someone is no easy task, even more difficult than the other drinks brands we’ve looked at so far! That’s why Blind Barrels is an ideal gift, and they use the multiple products feature to offer different value gift cards that correspond with their different subscription offerings. 

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