Spotlight on Bold Subscriptions: Fuelling subscription success on Shopify

Subscriptions are a powerful tool for growing your online business. They offer customers the chance to try something new on a recurring basis, whether that's skincare, clothing, or something they know and love, like everyday essentials. For merchants, subscriptions provide a source of reliable revenue and loyal customers who will be more eager to engage with your brand and products.


And if you're a merchant on Shopify, you can use a powerful subscription platform courtesy of Bold Commerce.


Now, here's a question - what if you want to take advantage of that lucrative gifting market and offer subscriptions as gifts? Well, the good news is that Bold Subscriptions integrates with Govalo. This means you can easily set up a gift subscription product and offer your customers an even better experience.


Let's look at the integration and an example of a real merchant using Bold with Govalo.


Bold Commerce: Fuelling subscription success on Shopify


Bold Commerce offers a suite of powerful, flexible, and customizable apps for Shopify, enabling merchants to supercharge their stores. Their recurring commerce platform, Bold Subscriptions, powers thousands of merchants in the Shopify ecosystem, giving them the tools they need to build, launch, and scale their subscriptions. Bold's affordable, reliable subscription solutions enable merchants to create an engaging experience with a customizable customer portal, flexible subscription tools, cancellation management, and more. 


Click here to learn more about Bold Subscriptions for Shopify.


How Bold Subscriptions Works with Govalo


The value of subscriptions is clear, and so is the value of gifting. And it's something that's relevant year-round to your store - whether it's a big gifting holiday like Christmas or birthdays throughout the year. The ability to offer subscriptions as gifts gives your customers another option, making it easy for them to gift something unique. It makes it more likely for you to see long-term returns on gifts - gift recipients will be able to manage their subscription as regular subscribers and carry it forward when their gift period is over.


By connecting Bold and Govalo, you can offer a streamlined, customer-focused subscription gift experience. Here's how it works.


When integrated and ready to go, you can display the option to purchase a subscription as a gift on your storefront.



From here, the customer can add all the same details they would if they bought a gift card. That includes adding a gift note, selecting a date, and adding the recipient's email address. They can also set the variant and how many gifting cycles they want to send, e.g., one month, three months, etc. 



The customer then adds it to their cart and purchases it as usual. That's all they have to do! They don't need to set up the account or manage delivery dates. Their recipient will receive an email on the specified date with the gift note letting them know they've received a gift subscription. They'll be given a code to redeem the subscription, so they can activate it whenever they want. 



They'll then create an account, add their details including payment information, and manage the subscription. If they want to carry it forward, their details are ready. This means they can go through any onboarding experience you may have for new subscribers, and you can have a more direct link than if the original customer had created the account.


This process removes many frustrations customers typically experience when buying a subscription as a gift. They don't have to create and then hand over a preexisting account, they don't have to buy it, then immediately pause it, and they don't have to guess any preferences. 


Getting started with the Bold x Govalo integration is simple and straightforward. Available to any merchants on Govalo's Premium and Enterprise plans, you can learn more about getting set up here.


Merchant highlight: AF Drinks 


So we've told you how the integration works; now it's time to show you what it looks like in real-time. 


Founded in New Zealand in 2020 by Lisa King, AF Drinks aims to make it easier for sober and sober curious people to explore and enjoy alcohol-free drinks. They've created a range of delicious, sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages that feel distinctly adult without the hangover. From flavors like Grapefruit Margarita to Apero Spritz, there's something to suit all tastes. 



AF Drinks uses Govalo to power not just their gift cards but also gift subscriptions using the Bold Subscriptions integration. Customers can give the gift of a more delicious alternative to alcohol, delivered right to their loved one's door every month. 





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