Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The best gifts in 2022

It’s that time of year again - love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while it feels like there’s plenty of time left it’ll be here before you know it. Knowing what kind of gifts to buy for something like Valentine’s Day is difficult, and that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve curated brands from around the internet to bring you the very best gift ideas whether you’re looking for ideas for a coffee lover, for someone with a sweet tooth, or you just want to give the gift of self-care this V-Day. 

Self-care Essentials

Everyone loves a bit of me-time - snuggling up on the sofa with a good book, chilling in the bath, whatever floats your boat. Here are our top four ideas to give the gift of self-care this Valentine’s Day.

Homesick - Candles that capture the fragrance of memories

Founded in 2016, Homesick creates candles that capture the spirit and essence of a memory whether that’s a specific city, a feeling, or even an activity. From New York City to Hawaii, Date Night to Ski Trip, they speak to as many as 100 people alongside visiting local areas, collecting samples and more to develop their unique fragrances authentic to the spirit they want to capture. Their products are made with soy wax and 100% organic cotton wicks, are cruelty free and non-toxic. 

They currently have a Valentine’s edit live on their site including some very enticing bundles that come with Sugarfina candies alongside some romantically scented candles. 

Homesick Candles

Click here shop Homesick’s Valentine’s Day edit.

House of Wise - Full spectrum CBD that boost your wellbeing

Founded by Amanda Goetz, House of Wise is a luxury CBD and wellness brand that specializes in full spectrum CBD. There has been a growing trend for CBD products to help boost wellbeing, and we can think of no better self-care gift than some of House of Wise’s gummies to target those areas we all want to improve upon. Every product is specially formulated with active ingredients that improve the impact of CBD to help with different areas of life like sleep, strength, and more. 

To truly give the gift of self-care, we definitely recommend their gummy trio that comes with a pack each of their sleep, stress, and sex gummies. 

House of Wise

Click here to shop House of Wise.

The Oodie - Super soft, warm wearable blankets 

Is there a more relaxing feeling than being snuggled up on the sofa with a cozy blanket? Yes, there is actually, and it’s called wearing a cozy blanket everywhere you go. The Oodie was created by Australian brothers David and Todd Fogarty with a really simple idea - what if there was a really warm blanket you could literally wear around the house. Oodies are made with super soft flannel on the outside and a snuggly sherpa fleece lining that’ll keep you toasty and warm wherever you wear it. 100% cruelty free, machine washable, and great for relaxing in. 

They’ve currently got a Valentine’s Day sale which is packed with great ideas - we especially like their combo of an Oodie with a weighted blanket. Be prepared for your loved one to never move from the sofa when they receive that on the 14th!

Oodie bundle

Click here to shop The Oodie.

The Sill - Everything you need to start that indoor plant collection

Indoor plants have a unique ability to make a room feel instantly calmer, and to make people happy just through the simple act of caring for them. That’s why Eliza Blank founded The Sill in 2012 - to demystify the world of houseplants and make them accessible to everyone. They sell a wide range of indoor plants to suit a variety of different households and plant parents - whether you need something pet-friendly, a hardy plant that can take a few forgotten waterings, or a bundle of lush greenery to fill a room. They also offer plant care products, subscriptions, and other homeware to add to that calm vibe your new plant will provide. 

Their Valentine’s Day edit is stuffed to the brim with ideas from bouquets of flowers, to classic indoor plants, blooming orchids, candles, cross-stitch kits and more.

The Sill

Click here to shop The Sill’s Valentine’s Day edit.

Date Night Necessities 

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date night is a tricky one - you need all the right things to set the mood, and we’re here to help with our top 3 things to get date night off to the ideal start.

Haus - Handmade aperitifs perfect for cocktails

What better way to start date night than with a cocktail? Haus handmakes their delicious range of aperitifs in Sonoma County, CA, using a variety of different botanicals and ingredients to craft a unique drink packed with flavor. They put a contemporary twist on the European aperitif classics to create liquids that pack a punch while being lower in alcohol so you can drink something easy-going and delicious.

They’ve got a number of great options if you want to buy a whole bottle, but if you want to try a little bit of everything and have a fun activity for Valentine’s Day we’d recommend their Deluxe Cocktail Kit which comes with 6 different flavors and a cocktail book with over 20 delicious recipes.

Haus Aperitifs

Click here to shop Haus - Deluxe Cocktail Kit.

Vinebox - Exclusive wine tasting delivered to your door

Wine can be an intimidating category - with so many different varieties and price points, how do you know which will actually be good? That’s why Vinebox is a great idea for Valentine’s Day wine sampling. Vinebox curates exclusive, high-end wines from around the world and packages them up in vials each containing the equivalent of a glass of wine. They aim to send you wine that you won’t find in just any old store, offering instead those wines you might come across in little wine bars in Tuscany or a little known vineyard driving through the French countryside. If you want to try a few different top end wines and have a luxury tasting in the comfort of your own home, this is one to try.

Their Valentine’s Day boxes are perfect for if you want to send a wine tasting to a loved one, share one virtually, or their ultimate date night box to share.


Click here to shop Vinebox.  

The Million Roses - Premium preserved roses

Getting a bunch of roses on Valentine’s Day is a classic gift - but they don’t usually last very long despite how expensive those little red flowers can be! The Million Roses solves that issue with their premium preserved rose arrangements which can last as long as three years. They uniquely preserve the flowers, presenting them in beautiful arrangement boxes ready for your loved one to display. You can customize them to suit the lucky recipient, opting for a classic red or something different like ivory and pink, or even gold!

Of course a store that sells roses is going to have an excellent Valentine’s Day edit, with options for all different budgets whether you want a single red rose or a whole bunch.

The Million Roses

Click here to shop The Million Roses.

Gifts for a sweet tooth

Whether it’s chocolate, cake, ice cream, or whatever else, Valentine’s Day is a good day to be someone with a sweet tooth! We’ve curated four the best brands online to get a sweet fix for your loved one, whether you want to send a box of tasty cookies or a whole layer cake right to their door.

Milk Bar - Creative cakes and cookies delivered

Famous around the world for their creative bakes and cakes, Milk Bar was founded by Christina Tosi in 2008 and they’ve been at the forefront of lighting up the world of desserts ever since. From their classic Birthday Cake to Compost Cookies and seasonal snacks, they’re a brilliant option if you’re looking to ship something delicious in the post. That’s right, you can even ship an entire cake fresh from their bakery!

Their Valentine’s Day specials are mouth-wateringly good looking, from a Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake to moreish red velvet truffles and cereal milk ice cream bundles.

Milk Bar

Click here to shop Milk Bar.  

Levain Bakery - New York City classic cookies and bakes

Another world-renowned bakery in its own right, you can send your loved one the gift of New York City’s most famous cookies to their doorstep. Founded in 1995 by Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald, they bonded over a love of baking and decided to create the ultimate choc chip walnut cookie to fuel their training for a triathlon and so an NYC cookie icon was born. They now sell their cookies from their various stores, in frozen form in grocery stores, and best of all in fresh variety boxes shipped all over the US.

They have a whole range of flavors to choose from, but why choose? Their Signature Cookie Assortment gives you a taste of all their classic flavors including that iconic choc chip walnut.

Levain Bakery

Click here to shop Levain Bakery.  

Xocolatl - Small-batch handcrafted chocolate

In 2012, Elaine Read and Matt Weyandt packed up their young family and headed for sunny Costa Rica for a life of adventure. While there they quickly befriended a local chocolate maker, crafting chocolate using the cacao beans grown locally. Inspired by how amazing and flavorful it was, they set to work learning as much as they could about chocolate and its production. Eventually they decided to bring what they’d learned back to Atlanta and the rest is history. 

And come on, who doesn’t love getting chocolate for Valentine’s Day? It’s a classic for a reason! They’ve got a wide range of bundles and single bars, but we’d recommend their Award Winners Gift Box which also comes with drinking chocolate and a jar of their delicious chocolate spread.


Click here to shop Xocolatl.  

Dirty Cookie - Edible cookie shot glasses

An ideal gift option, Dirty Cookies are everything you love about milk and cookies but for grown-ups. They make shot glasses…out of cookies. We know, it sounds amazing. You can then fill those up with your beverage of choice which could be something classic like milk…or maybe a cream liqueur? Whatever you choose, you can take that shot knowing you’re doing some good as Dirty Cookie partners with education focussed non-profits to give kids a “shot” at higher learning.

Their Valentine’s Day decorating kit is the ideal gift and a fun activity in one - they provide everything you need to decorate your cookie shot glasses without the hassle of baking yourself.

Dirty Cookie

Click here to shop Dirty Cookie.

Gifts for a foodie

Know someone who loves their food? Cooking it, prepping it, and most importantly, eating it! Here are some top notch ideas for the foodie in your life to wet their appetite on Valentine’s Day.

Our Place - Beautifully designed pots and pans 

Cooking with good tools makes for great food, and Our Place designs some of the best multi-functional pots and pans out there. Thoughtfully crafted, their cult-favorite Always Pan is not only aesthetically beautiful but also allows for a whole range of different uses from steaming to frying to braising and more. They also sell a wide range of other tools and serveware, so you can go from prep to serve using only high quality tools. 

Their bundles are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift - maybe combine it with some of the other suggestions on the list for the ultimate cook-at-home date night!

Our Place

Click here to shop Our Place.

Heatonist - Curated hot sauces from around the world

Want to make things hot and spicy this Valentine’s Day? Heatonist have just the stuff. They aim to make food more flavorful, and curate a huge variety of the best hot sauces from around the US and the world. If you’re a fan of YouTube’s Hot Ones, you can buy all the sauces featured on Heatonist’s store including their The Last Dab sauce and even a subscription so you can get all the latest sauces featured on the show. 

Get a little saucy and grab some of the best, most unique hot sauces available for your loved one. 


Click here to shop Heatonist.

Brightland - Natural, hand-crafted oils and vinegars

So many recipes start with the same ingredient - olive oil. Yet most don’t really know much about what goes into the process, oftentimes it can involve a lot of preservatives and nasties that you wouldn’t necessarily want in your meals. Brightland opts instead to be the gold standard in olive oil and vinegars, producing a range of carefully crafted products with ingredients sourced from local farms and zero fillers or preservatives. You’d be surprised at the impact a truly good olive oil will make to your cooking.

Grab one of their bundles to try out their oils, vinegars, and honeys, packed with flavor and sure to be a winner for the foodie in your life on Valentine’s Day.


Click here to shop Brightland. 

Meatchurch - Perfect partner for the best BBQ

Now come on, what’s more romantic than a big lump of brisket? Meatchurch make a variety of seasonings and rubs to guarantee your BBQ tastes amazing. Founded by Matt Pittman, he grew up around all things BBQ having grown up in Texas leaning from his grandma and has spent his life in food ever since. He competed in contests, hosted classes, and eventually appeared on the TV show BBQ Pitmasters where Meatchurch was born. Spice things up with Holy Voodoo’s Cajun flavors, or amp up the sticky sweetness with Honey Bacon BBQ. 

Their bundles give you the option to try a little bit of everything, so grab a few different rubs and try something a bit smokier this Valentine’s Day.


Click here to shop Meatchurch.

Gifts for coffee and tea lovers

Breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of something hot, and if your loved one is big on a kick of caffeine in the morning we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for you. 

Kinto - Beautiful serveware crafted in Japan

It’s always a better experience to drink your tea and coffee from a beautiful vessel, and that’s exactly what Kinto crafts. Their collection of tableware, drinkware and interior items are developed with the purpose of helping people lead a more comfortable lifestyle. Their designs lie in simplicity and uniqueness, as well as considering how we hold and pour and drink to add that touch of thoughtfulness. 

Just as you drink champagne on V-Day from a nice glass, why not do the same for your morning coffee? Kinto sells a wide range of coffee and tea accessories, but we definitely love their sepia sets the most.


Click here to shop Kinto.

La Colombe - Speciality roasted coffee and accessories

Get Valentine’s Day off to an energized start with La Colombe’s range of speciality roasted coffees. They started with a simple premise - get Americans drinking better quality coffee. They’ve carried that through not just in their coffee beans but in everything else they do - from selling speciality equipment so you can serve the perfect pour over, to creating content to help you learn how to get the most out of your coffee. And if your loved one is more of a cold brew kind of person, they’ve got you covered with their range of nitro draft cold brew cans!

La Colombe

Click here to shop La Colombe.

Copper Cow Coffee - Delicious Vietnamese style pour over

Ever tried a Vietnamese style pour over coffee? Think flavorsome, fresh coffee combined with a silky smooth thick sweet creamer - it truly is a treat and Copper Cow Coffee makes it super easy to enjoy in the comfort of your own kitchen. Their single-use paper coffee filters are easy to pop over your mug, pour over some hot water, and then add their signature creamer for a fresh and tasty coffee. They offer a range of flavors from Churro to Salted Caramel, and you can even get them as a subscription. If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, you may recognize this product from its appearance on the show!

If you want to give something a little bit different for your caffeine fuelled loved one on Valentine’s Day then grab one of their Best-Seller Bundles.

Copper Cow Coffee

Click here to shop Copper Cow Coffee.

Firebelly Tea - All-natural teas to fuel your fire

Not everyone sets their day up with a coffee, some prefer a more soothing option in a warm mug of tea. Firebelly Tea was founded by David Segal of David’s Tea and Shopify President Harley Finkelstein with the aim to offer a proper alternative to coffee and reframe how we think about our choice of morning beverage. Their teas are crafted to give you a proper boost in the morning, as well as being relaxing, easier on your body, and offer longer-lasting energy. 

Try something different and give your loved one a relaxing start to their day with one of Firebelly’s tea samplers. 

Firebelly Tea

Click here to shop Firebelly Tea.


We've also asked David and Shannon from our team at Govalo have put their heads together to come up with their favorite ideas for men and for women this Valentine’s Day.

That being said, pretty much all these gift ideas would be ideal for anyone of any gender expression so check them all out if you want to get the widest range of ideas!

David’s Picks

The Beard King - Mess-free, barbershop quality tools

Some guys really rock a beard, whether it’s a light stubble or a heavy mane suited to a Viking. However that face fuzz comes with a major downside - it needs to be groomed like every other part of the body, but to do that you’re likely going to have hair everywhere. That’s the issue husband and wife team, Nicolas and Alessia Galekovic, wanted to solve. In 2014 they developed their original grooming bib, and in 2016 Beard King opened for business. Their bibs are easy to use, sticking right onto your bathroom mirror to catch those pesky trimmings for quick mess-free disposal. As well as their innovative flagship product, they also sell everything else a guy may need for high quality beard maintenance such as oils, washes, trimmers, shapers, and more. 

Give the gift of an easy shave, and grab one of their gift sets that come with everything a guy needs to keep their beard - and bathroom - looking great.

Beard King grooming bib

Click here to shop The Beard King.

Coal Headwear - Comfy hats designed to last

Ever tried on a hat and it’s a bit too big and it doesn’t feel right? When you’re looking for a hat to keep you warm when you’re out hiking, the last thing you want is to be fussing over it trying to pull it down more or just feel uncomfortable. Coal Headwear started in 2002 with the aim of producing quality headwear designed to be long-wearing, and most importantly to fit well. They make a wide range of not just styles of hat but also different sizing whether you’ve got a small head, or you want a deeper fit beanie, they’ve got you covered. With an equally wide range of materials like merino wool, lambswool, and recycled cotton, you’ll find the perfect hat so you can get back to adventuring.

And if you’ve got a loved one in need of some high-quality headwear, look no further.

Coal Headwear

Click here to shop Coal Headwear.

Hyperice - Innovative tech for better workouts

Founded in 2011, Hyperice design innovate technology used by world famous athletes and your average fitness buff that helps target the tension, pains and aches typically experienced after a really good workout. If you don’t want those common issues to stop your flow, Hyperice can help. Whether you need a massager to pound out those weary muscles or ice compression to soothe a strained back, they’ve got a range of different tools to get you fighting fit in no time. They partner with some of the world’s leading sports organizations as well as working with renowned experts to advise on their product development to ensure they’re making the best possible products.

If your loved one is big on their fitness routine, then grabbing something from Hyperice could be the key to allowing them to do more faster.


Click here to shop Hyperice.

Yeti - Keeping things cool (or hot!)

Finding a good cooler used to be tough before Roy and Ryan Seiders founded Yeti in 2006. Most you could find on the market were cheaply made with poor quality materials and fixtures meaning you’d get little use out of them before it was time to find a new one. And if you’re someone that’s frequently on the go adventuring and travelling, that can get expensive really quickly. Yeti coolers are designed to stand up to the wear of a good adventure whether that’s hiking, fishing, or just hanging out in the backyard. Their range of Rambler tumblers have been increasingly popular; built for the everyday, keeping cold brew icy and fresh tea piping hot. 


Click here to shop Yeti.

Coleman - Fuelling adventure since 1900 

After over 120 years in business, Coleman continues to be a leader in getting you everything you need for your adventures. They started in 1900 with the world’s first gas-powered lantern, and in 1942 got into the grilling business developing a camping stove for WWII soldiers. These days, they’re making all the tools you need for a comfortable trip to the great outdoors from coolers, tents, canopies, lighting, and more. Still at the forefront of outdoor cooking, their wide range of stoves and grills will keep the food flowing whether you’re at a tailgate or out in the wilderness. 

David highlighted their Roadtrip Grill - portable and compact, it comes with all of Coleman’s innovative technology and will be perfect for that romantic trip into the mountains for a cozy camping getaway on Valentine’s Day.

Coleman grill

Click here to shop Coleman.

Shannon’s Picks

Snif - Inclusive try-at-home fragrances and candles

Tired of all those stereotypical perfume ads you see on TV? Then say hello to Snif - a new, inclusive, accessible way to discover new scents at home. They’re looking to disrupt the traditional fragrance industry using premium formulas with clean ingredients to produce genderless scents at a really accessible price point. Their range of fragrances and candles are vegan, cruelty free, and free from a bunch of nasty chemicals. Their scents are designed to reflect real people and provide them with a simple, transparent way to enjoy expressing themselves through scents.

Their 3 bundle kit comes with three of their most popular scents, and the unique aspect here is that it also comes with 30ml samples of each scent. You then have 7 days to try them out, and decide which you’d like to keep and pay for. You can either pay upfront, or later once you decide which you like most. A really great, unique way to give the gift of fragrance to a loved one on Valentine’s Day. 


Click here to shop Snif.

Felix Gray - A stylish way to improve digital wellness

Ever had a headache after too long staring at a screen? Over the course of the last couple of years, people are on their phones and laptops more than ever and it can be a real strain on your health. Felix Gray makes glasses and supplements that improve our digital wellness, with their research-backed, stylish range. Their clear lens blue light glasses filter up to 15x more of the most impactful blue light than any other lenses on the market, making for fewer headaches and more enjoyment of your screen time. Their amber lenses on the other hand are for that later–in-the-day browsing, helping to regulate your natural circadian rhythm and are clinically proven to increase your natural melatonin production. Not only are they beneficial for blocking those harmful light sources, but they also come in prescription or non-prescription and they look great coming in a wide range of styles and colors to suit anyone and everyone. 

If your loved one works remotely and spends a lot of time at their desk on their computer, this will be a truly appreciated gift for Valentine’s Day. Don’t know which style to choose? They also sell gift cards so your partner can pick their perfect pair.

Felix Gray

Click here to shop Felix Gray.

Art of Tea - Hand crafted organic tea from around the world

Want a drink that’s going to energize you as well as keep you calm? Sit the coffee aside, you’re going to want a good cup of soothing tea. From their base in Los Angeles, Art of Tea hand blend and custom craft some of the world’s best organic teas and botanicals to create a range that respects its ingredients but also has a flair for the creative. Every year their founder, Steve, travels the world in search of rare and unique teas to bring back to the US with him, meaning over the years they’ve built up relationships directly with the farmers who grow the plants they use. Whether you’re looking for a classic Earl Grey or something a bit different like a cold shaken Matcha Cocoa, the special person in your life is really going to appreciate Art of Tea.

To help you find that ideal gift, they’ve even got bundles and kits to suit all different tea drinkers, and you can even filter their selection by caffeine content, origin, and flavor to truly tailor your gift. 

Art of Tea

Click here to shop Art of Tea.

Cocokind - Simple, all-natural skincare

Sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle finding the right skincare routine. Between chemical filled skincare products, antibiotics for different concerns, and more, Priscilla Tsai always struggled with her skin and reckoned there had to be a more natural way to get a glowing complexion. She founded Cocokind with precisely that idea at the heart of what they do; affordable, sustainably produced skincare products made with high quality, all-natural ingredients. They sell a wide range of products to target problem areas, many using the power of superfoods like matcha, turmeric, rosewater, and celery. And if you’re looking for a new routine, they also have routine quiz to help build out your new skincare ritual, as well as kits ready with everything you need to get that healthy glow.


Click here to shop Cocokind.

Thirdlove - Comfortable, beautiful lingerie and activewear

Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size? Figuring out sizes can be tricky - you want something comfortable, but also stylish and makes you feel confident. That’s the struggle founder Heidi Zak was faced with when she went bra shopping, and why she decided to create a bra that was based on real women and their needs from their underwear. Their extensive range spans not just different shapes and styles of bras, but also briefs, sleepwear, dressing gowns, activewear, and more. 

Their Valentine’s Day edit has a whole host of great ideas for what to get for your loved one to keep them super comfortable from cozy pyjamas, to beautiful lingerie, underwear sets and more.


Click here to shop Thirdlove.

Cambridge Satchel Co - Traditional bags with a modern twist

Started on Julie and her mum’s kitchen table in Cambridge, England, Cambridge Satchel Co takes a British classic and gives it a contemporary edge. Their satchels are based off the design of a traditional school bag, and uses traditional techniques, high quality materials, and classic craftsmanship to create their exceptional leather satchels. Their wide range of colors and adapted styles for their mini satchels, travel bags, and more, bring their classic design right into modern day, and their lifetime repair guarantee ensures you’ll get a bag that stands the test of everyday wear and tear.

Whether your loved one would like something timeless and classic, or something a bit more fun and colorful, Cambridge Satchel Co’s gift guide covers all tastes and preferences.

Cambridge Satchel Co

Click here to shop Cambridge Satchel Co.

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