What’s New at Govalo - Product Update November ‘22

With Black Friday just around the corner, and the holidays right behind it, retailers around the world are gearing up for the biggest season of the year. This period really is the true test of a merchant’s gift products, and promotional strategy. 

The team here at Govalo have been working to build and launch new features that will help merchants to make the most of the opportunity for sales and acquisition this season is known for. We hope these features will make a real impact on your strategy, as we head into the next few weeks.  

  • - Rob Shipway, CPO

#1 - Bulk / Corporate Gifting 

Buying a gift card should be quick and easy whether you’re looking to buy 1 or 1000. Which is exactly why we shipped our new bulk gifting feature, that makes it possible for customers to buy as many gift cards as they want from your storefront. 

The process is simple - when a customer wants to buy several gift cards at the same time, they just upload a CSV with the details and Govalo takes care of the rest. Customers can add all the same details as would be available through Govalo’s usual UI - names, emails, gift card value, and even the date they want the gift card sent. The gift cards are added to their basket, then they complete the checkout process like it was any other regular order. 

Rather than a customer getting in touch with your team to bulk issue the gift cards in the back-end, customers can take care of their order themselves with ease. With the US corporate gifting market set to be worth over $242 Billion by the end of 2022, this feature can seriously open up even more opportunities over the holiday season.

This feature is available to merchants using Govalo’s Enterprise plan. 

Click here for our support documentation for bulk gifting.

#2 - Webhooks for Premium and Enterprise 

We know that our app won’t be the only one in a store’s tech stack, especially as you start to scale up to larger stores. That means Govalo needs to integrate with the other tools you need to make your store look and function perfectly. Earlier this year, we introduced webhooks to the app for our Enterprise merchants, and now we’re opening this feature up to our Premium merchants also. 

Webhooks make it simple for you to customize the way Govalo works within your store. Whether that’s setting up automations and workflows, or to build a unique, custom integration. Using services like Zapier, IFTTT, Mesa, Alloy etc., you can connect Govalo events to pretty much anything. All you need to do is enter the URL you want webhook events sent to, and Govalo will send events to that URL. 

#3 - Omnisend Integration

Coming into the holiday season, email is going to go from an important channel to an absolutely vital one. It’s how you’re going to communicate with your most engaged customers about upcoming BFCM promotions, holiday shipping deadlines, order information, and more. With how crucial this channel is, and the fact that Govalo is all about gifting, it makes sense that you may want to do more with email marketing and Govalo. So, we’ve made that easier with our official Omnisend integration.

Using this integration, merchants can create automated emails and workflows from Govalo related products, as well as tailor the emails sent when a gift product is purchased. This puts the control in your hands as the merchant, allowing you to create a more personalized, branded experience as well as make use of the powerful data and customization tools Omnisend offers.

This feature is available to merchants using Govalo's Premium and Enterprise plans.


We are very excited to bring you these features, and look forward to seeing how they aid our merchants in the upcoming holiday season. We aren’t quite finished yet for this year’s Govalo product updates, so stay tuned for more coming soon. 

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