Giftable Products

Give customers greater flexibility in their gift buying experience with giftable products.


Customers buy gifts year-round - from personal occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, to big holidays like Christmas and Mother’s Day. Looking for the perfect gift is tricky, and even if you find the right product it still comes with difficult questions to answer - what size do you buy? Which color? Did you enter the right details into the right fields at checkout to make sure the gift is sent to the right recipient? You don’t just want to give a gift card, you really want them to have this specific product you picked out.


Govalo makes it easy for you to secure those gift purchases while also streamlining the gift buying process for your customers. Our giftable products feature allows you to add the option to product pages for customers to buy the item as a gift.


Here’s how it works:


  • Your customer selects the option to buy a product as a gift.
  • They then fill in the name and email address for their recipient along with a gift note and selecting a send date.
  • The recipient gets an email in their inbox with the gift, and is prompted to select their preferences - sizes, colors, etc., along with their shipping details.
  • The original customer is then sent a link to a pre-filled cart ready with all the details and preferences of their gift recipient.


This way, the gift buyer can send the product they want to gift without the need to fill in details or choose variants they’re unsure of, while still giving their recipient that perfect present they picked out. Recipients get the delight of a gift in their inbox, and you as the merchant don’t lose out on sales just because a customer doesn’t know whether to buy a small or medium.

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