Gifted Subscriptions

Create and manage a true gifted subscription experience that’s simple, fast, and easy for your customers.


Subscription commerce has boomed in the last few years. People all over the world have discovered the convenience of getting their everyday essentials delivered to their doorstep, or having a fun surprise in the mail each month to unbox. It makes sense then that they’d want to share that same experience with their friends and loved ones as a gift.


Govalo makes it easy to create a real gift subscription experience for your customers that prioritizes convenience and improves retention when the gifted period is over. Integrate Govalo with subscription partners Recharge and Bold Subscriptions, and you’ll unlock features that will take your digital gifting to the next level:


  • Allow customers to send the subscription directly to the recipient
  • Recipients are able to redeem and start the subscription whenever they want
  • Once redeemed, recipients create their own account so they can manage their subscription like any other subscriber
  • When the gifted period is over, the gift recipient can easily add their own payment details to carry the subscription forward


Whether you’re selling coffee beans, curated beauty products, snacks, dog treats, or any other number of subscription products, Govalo makes it easy for you to offer an experience for gift buyers and recipients with all the same convenience and simplicity of your usual subscription products.

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