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Reinvent your digital gifting experience with Govalo and Shopify Plus.

Your customers are looking for a truly personalized, seamless gift buying experience.

Govalo provides the tools, features, and customization to make that a reality on Shopify Plus.

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Design a complete digital gifting experience tailored to your customers

From enhanced gift card features to gift subscriptions and more, Govalo gives you the tools you need to design a fully customized digital gifting experience for your customers and keep them coming back for more. Whether you want to make it easy for customers to redeem and manage gift subscriptions, or even just choose which date a gift card is sent to their recipient. Govalo is merchant-led, and customer focussed, meaning you can better strategize your gift products and delight customers all at the same time.

"Govalo is changing what gifting means on Shopify. They're constantly pushing the pace with new features, and the support they provide their merchants and partners is incredible!"

- Alex O'Byrne, Co-founder & Managing Director
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Access exclusive features designed for high-growth stores

When you’re growing your business, you need tools that are scalable, flexible, and agile. Govalo offers exclusive features to enterprise level merchants that enable you to develop your gifting experience, your way. Whether that’s using our API for greater customization with existing tools, or volume discounts to allow for scalability. All with white glove service courtesy of our team of experts experienced in not just our own app, but Shopify Plus, its ecosystem, and high-growth ecommerce.

"Govalo has been so helpful in maximizing our gift card purchasing experience. It allowed us to deliver the exact experience we wanted - choose when you want to send a gift card, add a message, re-send or transfer it, check the balance, and so on.

Implementation was easy, taking just a day or two. I highly recommend it to other brands who are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing and functional app.”

- Bobby Shomrony, VP of Sales Operations

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Integrate with some of Shopify Plus’ best tools

Apps always work best when they work together to supercharge your store’s growth. We build integrations that make the most of each app’s unique features and functionalities, so your team can do more faster, and easier. Like gift subscriptions powered by Recharge and Bold Commerce, to bring a true gift subscription experience to your customers. Or connecting Govalo with Klaviyo so you can create and send gift cards directly from their dashboard to enhance your retention strategy.

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