Store Credit

Get strategic and enhance your approach to returns and loyalty with Govalo’s easy-to-use store credit features.


Store credit is a Shopify store’s secret weapon. It has the ability to enrich your returns experience, reduce revenue loss from returns, boost loyalty, and improve your customer support.


On top of our gifting features, merchants on our Premium and Enterprise plans have access to Govalo’s store credit dashboard. This simple to navigate hub offers you the ability to issue and manage store credit quickly and easily as well as giving clear visibility for your customer support team.


Using store credit, you can:


  • Offer a more flexible returns experience and reduce potential revenue lost to full refunds.
  • Issue store credit to high value and loyal customers to improve retention.
  • Enhance your customer support experience by quickly issuing credit to customers either looking to return or who have had a negative interaction.


Plus, Govalo’s store credit is simple to set up and manage making it easy for your customer support team to get started right away.

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