5 DTC beauty and wellness brands with amazing gift cards

Want to know a gift that almost always goes down well? The gift of a little self-care. Beauty, health, and wellness products make for a great gift, giving the recipient the opportunity to take care of themselves a little. 

It may not come as a surprise to learn that beauty, health, and wellness are some of the biggest categories in ecommerce. It’s expected that in 2023, US consumers will spend more than $24.5 billion on beauty and cosmetics online. And when it comes to health and personal care, 34% of all sales in the US in this category are online - that’s expected to rise to 50% by 2025.

And a good portion of those sales will come from gifts. 

The difficulty for consumers, however, is how do you pick a gift in this category? Beauty, health, and wellness are all areas that can be very personal to each individual. That can make it difficult to choose something that will be a guaranteed winner. The answer is gift cards.

Today we’re going to look at 5 brands that have made sure their gift card experience is head and shoulders above the competition.

#1 - Lemme

Supplements are good for you, so why shouldn’t they taste good too? Lemme was founded by none other than Kourtney Kardashian-Barker, with the simple aim of making vitamin and botanical supplement gummies that taste amazing
and really work. All their products are clinically-backed, with real, active ingredients designed to target key areas of the body. They’re free from artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup, gluten, dairy, gelatin, and artificial colors and flavors. That’s right, all natural, and all good for you. 

Now let’s take a look at their gift card:

Lemme have also added a “how it works” tab that explains exactly what the customer can expect when they send a gift card. Their gift card allows for additional personalization options like adding a gift note and scheduling a send date, so this extra information helps give the customer clarity on what they’re buying. 

#2 - FlutterHabit

Getting salon-quality lashes doesn’t need to cost a lot, and they don’t even need to come from a salon! FlutterHabit was founded by Kasey Jackson and her husband Tim focusing on easy-to-use lash products that were comfortable, long-lasting and affordable all at once. They wanted to combine the convenience of strip lashes, with the professional look of salon extensions. So, after learning some professional tricks using individual lashes, they created FlutterHabit. It’s now a viral beauty brand that stops onlookers in their tracks to ask “Who does your lashes?!”. 

Now let’s take a look at their gift card:

FlutterHabit's gift card adds that personal touch back into the gift buying experience. In lieu of a gift tag and wrapping paper, customers can instead add a gift note, address it to the recipient, and even select their special day so it arrives exactly when it's supposed to. 

#3 - Curie

Do you know what goes into making your deodorant? If you look at the back of many commercial brands, you’ll see a long list of chemicals that you probably have never heard of and don’t know what they do. That’s why Curie founder, Sarah Moret, set out to create something more natural that smells amazing and works just as well as chemical filled products. Curie sells a range of not just natural deodorants, but also whipped body butter, hand sanitizer, and more. They’ve been featured in The New York Times, and are sold in over 300 stores across the US.

Now let’s take a look at their gift card:

Curie has also used their gift cards in unique ways. Over Black Friday weekend in 2022, they decided to ditch discounts and run a gift card promotion instead. They offered customers a scaling gift card reward depending on how much they added to their cart.

This is now a feature for Premium and Enterprise merchants using Govalo - you can learn more about the Rewards feature here.

#4 - Naked Poppy

Whether you’re putting your makeup on for the day or cleansing and caring for your skin, using clean products is always going to be better. That’s exactly what Naked Poppy focuses on - good, clean beauty and skincare products that don’t require you to compromise by using harmful chemicals. As well as their own range, they carefully vet other brands to ensure they meet Naked Poppy’s high standards for clean, healthy products. Every product is cruelty free, from brands which focus on minimal environmental impact and high ethical standards. You can feel and look your best knowing that you’re using the best products available.

Now let’s take a look at their gift card:

Most of the time when you buy a gift card online, the only option is to send it yourself. You then need to remember to send it on to your recipient, or print it out. However, Naked Poppy's gift card can be sent either to yourself or directly to the recipient on whichever date you choose.


#5 - Nutr

If, like so many others, you've taken to the plant-based milk lifestyle, then you might be tired of always running to the grocery store for your daily almond milk for your coffee. So why not just…make it yourself? Nutr is an easy-to-use machine that makes any combination of plant-based milks in mere minutes. You can customize your milk with any ingredient you choose - pistachio and honey milk? Cocoa oat almond milk? You’ve got it quicker than any Postmates rider could get it to your door. And the best part is you know exactly what has gone into your drink - no preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors to be found. 

Now let’s take a look at their gift card:

Nutr also ran a Black Friday promotion using their gift cards. Retention can be difficult to guarantee after BFCM weekend, so they decided to get some guaranteed repeat orders. They stacked their discounts with gift cards, so the customer got the immediate satisfaction of saving money as well as a freebie to use on their next order.


Beauty, health, and wellness are categories in ecommerce that always make for popular gifts no matter the time of year. Having a great gift card option is just one way these merchants are standing above their competitors, giving their customers a better experience whether they’re buying for themselves or someone else. 

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