Spotlight on Klaviyo: Intelligent email marketing for your gifting strategy

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools Shopify merchants have to engage with their customers. 99% of email users check their emails every single day, and according to McKinsey email generates 40 times more customers than social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It’s the channel you use to communicate with customers about their orders, announce new products, showcase collections, and engage them with valuable content. 

For many merchants using Shopify, their email marketing is powered by Klaviyo. And what can make that platform even more effective is being able to connect and use the other tools in your tech stack alongside it.

Govalo’s integration with Klaviyo gives merchants the ability to use all the automation and data-led tools Klaviyo has to offer as part of their gifting strategy. So today, let’s talk about it. 

Klaviyo: Intelligent marketing powered by your data

Target the right audience, grow your lists, and retain more customers using Klaviyo’s intelligent automated marketing platform. Over 100,000+ brands trust Klaviyo to deliver a smarter, data-led marketing strategy including ColourPop Cosmetics, Glossier, Spanx, Beyond Yoga, and many more. This powerful platform covers the touch points that matter when it comes to engaging your customers - email marketing, SMS, and mobile push as well as forms and even reviews. Klaviyo uses all that customer and store data you have to create hyper-targeted, automated omnichannel messaging. And to make sure it’s working, they provide merchants with detailed reporting and metrics to fully understand customers, track success across channels, and reach the right people.

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What you can do with Govalo’s Klaviyo integration

Using Govalo, merchants can create a gift and store credit strategy designed to delight customers. From gift cards to subscriptions and more, it’s easy for any merchant of any size to improve their store experience and deliver more for their customers. However, there’s one key piece of the puzzle - communication. 

Email marketing is a crucial part of the digital gifting process. After all, that’s how recipients are told they’ve got a gift. Govalo allows you to customize the emails sent to recipients, but there is so much more opportunity with email if you have the right tools. Govalo integrates with Klaviyo, allowing you to enhance your experience and make better use of the tools you love. 

#1 - Greater customization of gift product emails 

Chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money developing your brand. Part of that probably involved creating beautiful email templates that capture your brand and engage your customers. So, why leave your gift related emails behind? Customized emails add an extra touch to the gifting process, and especially for gift recipients. After all, for some it may be their first impression of your brand and set the scene for their experience. 

Govalo has an email editor built into the app, but if you integrate it with Klaviyo you open up all the amazing customization features available through their platform. You can set up workflows for gift cards, as well as gift subscriptions if you’re making use of Govalo’s Recharge or Bold Subscriptions integrations. For merchants using Govalo’s Premium or Enterprise plans, you’ll also be able to create custom emails for store credit. 

#2 - Make better use of data to create gift related automations

Klaviyo is an intelligent automation tool that puts the power of data into your marketing. So why not make the most of it by using it in your gift and store credit strategy? Email and SMS marketing are great tools when it comes to customer engagement and retention. And gift customers and recipients have high potential for retention if you take the right approach. Normally when a customer buys a gift card, they get an order confirmation email and the recipient gets the gift card email. That’s where the story ends. But by integrating Govalo with Klaviyo, that’s just the beginning.

Using the integration, you can set up that first email followed by as simple or complex a workflow as you want. You can make use of customer data from Shopify and Klaviyo to make the flows hyper-personalized to individual customers to boost chances for engagement. For example, you could have a separate email that’s sent after the first based on if the customer has already shopped with your store before. Or you can segment new customers off into their own “welcome” flow that introduces your brand and products. This is also valuable for creating reminder flows, to ensure customers actually remember to use their gift card.

The more you add into the flow, the more valuable data you can gather. This will feed back into your email and SMS strategy, allowing you to create tailored, effective marketing messaging. 

Click here to learn more about setting up automated flows in Klaviyo.

#3 - Issue gift cards directly within Klaviyo

Want to automatically reward a loyal customer? Or maybe send a nice gesture to sweeten a poor customer experience? Consider using gift cards! They’re easy and effective incentives that give customers something valuable they can use without the pitfalls of discounting. And you can leverage the power of Klaviyo’s automation tools to issue and send gift cards right from on the platform itself. 

You can combine this feature with your store and email data to create engaging promotion and incentive opportunities without lifting a finger.

  • - Send a reward to customers who pass a specific LTV (Lifetime Value) threshold. 
  • - Send a gift to customers on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • - Send rewards to loyal customers for specific actions - e.g. number of orders placed, ordering for a certain number of months in a row, leaving a specific number of reviews etc. 
  • - Offer a gift card to customers who were previously loyal with high AOV, but who haven’t ordered for a certain amount of time.
  • Offer a gift to customers who have a negative experience with your store e.g. poor returns experience. 

You can then track the effectiveness of these incentives, and even conduct some split testing to see which are most attractive to different audience segments. Which gift card values see higher open rates, but which are actually used and by which audience? 

Want to get started? Learn more about Govalo here, and how to set up the integration with Klaviyo here.
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