5 DTC food brands making the most of Govalo

Getting the gift experience just right is essential for every Shopify store. Customers these days expect a lot, and if you can deliver you’ll set your business up for success. Sometimes though, it helps to see what other brands are doing for a little bit of inspiration. 

Here are five DTC food brands who are powering their gifting using Govalo. Some are just making the most of gift cards, and others are using some of the app's advanced features like gift subscriptions and rewards. 

Let’s take a look.

#1 - Brightland

Powered by Govalo: Gift Cards

Drizzle something better into your food with Brightland’s authentic olive oils and vinegars. Using hand-sourced ingredients from California farms, they focus on clean, natural ingredients and processes. Free from artificial preservatives and fillers, their oils and vinegars have gained a reputation for being the gold standard.

Giving the gift of Brightland couldn’t be easier. They even have a section dedicated to gift ideas, and included is their gift card. Customers can easily personalize their gift card, sending it directly to their intended recipient via email for that swift satisfaction. After all, who doesn’t love an email that isn’t just another newsletter? 

Including the gift card within their Gift Guide section means that customers can browse through the other ideas, and if they simply can’t choose they have an easy option ready to send. Stress-free and guaranteed to delight. 

Click here to check out Brightland.

#2 - Licorice.com 

Powered by Govalo: Gift Cards and Rewards

It’s easy to find somewhere that sells gourmet chocolate, but what about an old-school favorite like licorice? Started by a licorice-loving family, Licorice.com is that classic sweet treat but with a flavor focussed twist. Their store brings customers over 50+ flavors including varieties from around the world like Australian Green Apple, Sour Rainbow Rolls, Watermelon, Huckleberry, and more. 

And when you want to send some licorice love to a friend, Licorice.com has you covered with a gift card you can personalize. But that’s not all - you can snag yourself a gift card just by buying delicious treats! They use Govalo’s rewards feature, meaning that when a customer spends over a certain value, they get a free gift card. This feature helps to not only acquire customers by offering them a pretty attractive incentive, but also increases AOV and improves retention by encouraging a second order using the reward.

Click here to check out Licorice.com.

#3 - Popster.com

Powered by Govalo: Gift Cards

The snack experts at Licorice.com have done it again, but this time with something crunchy, sweet, and chocolatey! Ever had a popster? If not, you’re in for a treat. Popsters are crunchy caramel popcorn smothered in a layer of smooth, delicious chocolate. And of course, they come in a variety of tempting flavors like peanut butter and jelly, cafe au lait, and birthday cake. Something sweet that’ll delight anyone of all ages. 

Everyone loves a sweet treat as a gift, and Popster.com have made it super simple for any customer to give the gift of choice. Their gift cards are powered by Govalo, meaning that customers can add a gift note, the recipient’s name, and even select the date they want the gift card to be sent. 

Click here to check out Popster.com.

#4 - The Cravory 

Powered by Govalo: Gift Cards and Corporate Gift Cards

Ready for another sweet snack? This time it’s one we all know and love - cookies. The Cravory are a San Diego based bakery taking a traditional favorite and giving it a fun, flavorful spin. They handcraft every cookie, and ship them fresh around the country. If you can believe it, they’ve shipped over 5000 unique cookie combinations, and they magic up 6 new flavors every month. From classic chocolate chip to ube, lemon bar, strawberry sundae, and even watermelon tajin. 

With so many flavors to choose from that change every month, how are you supposed to choose that perfect cookie combo for someone else? That’s where The Cravory’s gift card comes to the rescue. Gift cards can be sent quickly and easily, fully customized and ready to delight recipients. The Cravory also makes use of Govalo’s corporate gift card feature. This makes it just as fast and easy to send multiple gift cards whether a corporate buyer needs 10 or 1000 gift cards. They can easily upload the details via CSV, purchase via the usual checkout, and Govalo takes care of the rest. 

Click here to check out The Cravory.

#5 - Future Self Coffee 

Powered by Govalo: Gift Cards and Gift Subscriptions

Need some caffeine to go with all those snacks we just talked about? Future Self Coffee was founded by Alfie Deyes, born from his passion for at-home better tasting, high quality coffee. They work closely with expert coffee roasters to create signature blends that are easy to understand and enjoy. And if you want to dig deeper into what goes into the beans, they host community events with experts, as well as selling barista quality equipment to enjoy at home.  

Sharing a good cup of coffee is easy with not just customizable gift cards, but also gift subscriptions. Future Self Coffee uses Govalo’s Recharge integration to craft a gift subscription product that makes it straightforward for a customer to buy and gift a subscription. The customer fills in details like they would for a gift card, and their recipient is able to activate and manage the subscription whenever they choose. No account handover, no pausing and unpausing, just a smooth subscription process to match that super smooth coffee.

Click here to check out Future Self Coffee.

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